Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Don't Understand - The Publicist Wants a Vacation?

I really don't understand this request but the publicist has asked me to post for her.  It seems she wants to go on vacation. Away from us goats. Can you imagine such a thing? Why would she want to leave us? I mean look at these faces - would you want to leave these faces?

But anyway, she wants to take a vacation and to do so she has made up a story and would like to ask if you would vote for it. You just have to click that you like it. My loyal readers will know most of the story already; It's mostly about the Farm!

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I guess we have to give her a break every now and again.....
Tomorrow is AbbyDay so you know that anything is possible.


  1. Cute story! I hope you get your vacation. You deserve it.

  2. I liked it! (I think, via Facebook?) Anyway, I liked it a LOT. It's very clear you need a vacation, especially after serving as both furniture AND snacks to the goats.

    Oh, my gosh, I LOVE your almost-finished (I hope?) house! It's beautiful!!!

  3. Is she really needing a vacation, or is she just wanting to spend more time with those OTHER goats? Not that I would be one to stir up any trouble, but...

  4. My Mommeh would need a vacation after just ONE day of doing everything your publicist does!

    The view from your new home is going to be so beautiful.

  5. Um, what in the world is SITS?? I have wondered forever!

  6. I loved it. I tried to vote but it says the site is down. You definitely need a vacation.

  7. I want to go on a grazing tour! I voted, it's easy to log in with facebook account.

  8. You certainly deserve it, my friend.

  9. I could not figure out how to vote either. Drat!

  10. She really does need to go on a vacation! Your publicist is very, very busy. Abby, why do you kick her? Are you wanting more than just one day on the blog a week?

  11. That was such a cute story! I clicked that I liked it! Good luck!

  12. Can I come take care of everyone while you are gone?? I think we should do a swap--You come to the big city and I'll come to the farm. Deal??

  13. Whatever the sits is, i liked the story1 my shift key is covered and i'm being lazy. can you tell/

  14. Big thumbs up!

    Have a great time!

  15. All comments answered by the publicist today...

    Carolyn - thank you. There are lots of good stories so my fingers are crossed.

    JD - Yup, that's our house. It's a yurt and we hope to be in for Christmas. It won't be finished but it will be livable.

    FishHawk - She REALLY needs a vacation.

    Daisy - It's better around here in the winter.

    Cici - It stands for The Secret is in the Sauce and it is a blog support group. They have a convention in Las Vegas in October and I would love to go but I don't have the money so I am hoping to win a trip.

    Jen - thanks so much for trying. I do, I really, really, really do ;)

    Margo - You are welcome here anytime and I will take you on one. Just wear boots - there's lots of poop.

    Reese - thank you so much!

    Julia - you just have to click that you like it. But thanks for trying...I think it works better with facebook so if you don't have a facebook it might be more complicated. I am a computer bobo....

    BeadedTail - Abby is a very challenging goat. And that's all I'm gonna say.

    blueviolet - thanks. I really appreciate the support.


    Cici - that's ok. We can all be lazy at times.

    City Girl - thanks so much!


Maaaaaa away....


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