Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hill

As Abby told you yesterday there is a hill behind the male person's truck. We love to go up there and eat the weeds. The knapweed is in bloom now and it is especially tasty. Knapweed is considered a noxious weed here in Montana; it is choking out the life of our native plants. It is good that we goats love to eat it and destroy it.

I love to eat the little flowers - I will even stretch to grab one.

Wait, are there goats stealth grazing on the hill?

Mallory really concentrates on her grazing...nom, nom, nom.

Jillian seems to be showing Kevin the way. Isn't that nice?

Tomorrow I will show you how the little goats enjoyed the Hill!

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  1. It is very cool that you can do a public service to get rid of the nasty weeds while enjoying a delicious meal!

  2. so, since you goats are constantly grazing??? does that mean you are constantly pooping too? in one end and out the other?

  3. The stealth grazing is too funny. Sneaky snacks!

  4. We love when eating bad food is really doing good!

  5. Nice work with them there weeds!! Keep at it super weed eaters!

  6. Daisy - we goats are just good for Montana!

    jaz - we do poop a lot but it does then fertilize the soil then. A lot of our poop ends up in the garden.

    Cute - it is an important skill!

    BeadedTail - it is good we eat the knapweed. It is really taking over here.

    Julia - thank you for your support!!!

    blueviolet - we do have the life and we love it.

    Reese - Oh, we will. There is lots of knapweed to eat.

  7. Stopping by from SITS! Have a great Sunday afternoon.


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