Monday, August 31, 2009

Goatucation - How Long are We Milked

Today is Goatucation day and I just loves me some Goatucation. How about you? Today's question comes from Julia. Now Julia is a busy blogger - she has two blogs; A Simple Life and The Apron Goddesses. The publicist tried to take a picture of me wearing an apron for Julia's blog. Harumph! I am a goat, not an apron model. But that is for another post. Today is Goatucation. Here is the question: How long can the publicist milk you goats after the kids are weaned?

This is a very interesting question and of course I can only speak for myself. After I had my two kids, Sarah and Michael - aren't they the cutest?

The publicist milked me for about two years. Now I wasn't giving as much milk at the end of the second year as I was at the beginning. Then about a month before I was to have my big date with that marvelous hunk of goat Luke

The publicist stopped milking me altogether so my system could have a rest.  Then after Luke and I danced the Rhumba my udder started preparing for little Kevin's birth. Or should I say big Kevin 'cause he was a big kid!


 I hope this answered your question, Julia.

Tomorrow you will see a carrot top eating orgy!


  1. Good Morning! I had to come over to get my goat fix! :)

  2. I love learning new things about goats!

  3. Goats dancing the rhumba? Carrot eating orgies? What kind of website is this! lol ;o)

  4. Great question. I've always wondered about that too.

  5. so, does this mean that goat always produce milk as long as you keep milking them?

  6. A.Marie - I am glad we can be your "all things goat."

    Daisy - well, you teach me cat things so it is only fair.

    Grand Pooba - well it is life on a Farm.....

    Debbie - we are very productive animals.

    jaz - no, we will eventually dry up. That is why there are so many kids on this farm right now. We have to keep having kids to keep having milk. By the end of the two years I wasn't giving much milk at all. Since I am old the publicist and male person wanted to give me a break between kids.

    Reese - thank you. I try.

  7. Those are some mighty pretty kids you had!
    I am glad you get a break between kids. I know how those little fellows love their milk.

    Have a great day.
    Pam(and Miracle Eve)

  8. I did not know that! Great question, Julia!

  9. Do you ever make goat cheese? You know, in your spare time...

  10. You guys are so interesting! According to our daddy all we do is eat, poop and sleep.

  11. I love goatucation days. We would never know all these cool things if it wasn't for you, Pricilla!

  12. Wow!! I would never have guessed that long. Thank you for my education today!! I enjoyed it very much.

    I am glad I did not have to be milked for two years after I had my kids. Phew!

  13. Pam and Miracle Eve - I am glad you understand how a goat needs her rest.

    blueviolet - Yes it was. I like answering questions! So keep them coming.

    Frogs - the publicist's answer was, and I quote,"spare time, what is spare time?" and then she started to laugh hysterically and the male person had to calm her down. But she does make cheese with my rich milk and as soon as she remembers to take the photos while she is making the cheese it will be a goatucation post.

    BeadedTail - that is about how the male person feels about the Farm cats. But the publicist loves them. so they stay.

    Cute - I am glad I can help goatucate the world.

    Julia - I am a remarkable goat. Thanks for the question!

  14. Golly, your comments here are as good as your original goatafication! You make these little guys look and sound so cute and fun...I kinda' want one of my own!


Maaaaaa away....


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