Monday, August 24, 2009

Goatucation - Does a Goat Change It's Spots?

Today's Goatucation question comes to us from blueviolet over at A Nut in a Nutshell. The publicist said she can almost understand this blog as she grew up in a nuthouse. But that is another topic all together. Blueviolet asked:

I am wondering if when they are born if all of their spots and coloring carry through into adulthood or does that change over time?

Well I am going to do my best to answer this - at least with the experience I have had at the Farm. For the most part we do keep our spots and colors. They sometimes darken over time and especially in the winter when we grow our heavier coats but as you can see in these photos of Luke the goat as a kid

and as the handsome hunk of buck he is now. He is is flemming for me here.

He has pretty much kept his gorgeous cowlike coloring. I never knew I could have such a thing for cowgoats. Oh Luke I love you!

Ok, Ok. The publicist says I have to stop thinking about Luke now and go on with my post.
She is no fun.

Michael the goat has changed a bit since he was a kid but mostly it is just his hair getting a bit darker and his mantle getting longer as a mature bucks will.

If you look closely at his earlier photo you can see the dark hair along the top of his back. That is the hair that became his beautiful mantle.He still has his white spots. He inherited them from me. I am a proud nanny.

My last example is Kevin the goat. Now of course he isn't that old yet but here is his baby picture. You can see his cute knee pads and the spot under his eye. You can also see the black splotches along his back leg.

And here he is currently - with the same knee pads, eye spot and splotches.

Little Harry is really too young to show any changes at all but he is so cute I will just post his photo.

I hope this has answered your question blueviolet. I thank you for asking it.

Tomorrow - we explore the ravine.


  1. I was so surprised when Kevin was borned to see how white he was!

    Did you know cats make that funny face, too? It's called the Flehmen Response. I think it's very similar!

  2. Oh, that Harry is so darned cute doing his "happy dance"! Good question today--I guess I figured they were like kitties and kept their same color. My fish can change colors though--which is weird.

  3. Wow! Michael has changed a lot it looks like! And I love the gratuitous Harry shot. He makes every post a little cuter. :)

  4. They all look so darn cute as itty bitties! They really do stay much the same when they get older. :)

    I apologize for my poor grammatical structure in the question, lol. I don't give too much thought to the way I word my comments. Maybe I will now!

  5. That was very interesting. I learned a lot.

  6. Oh my gosh, this whole time I thought that the little black dot below Kevin's eye was his actual eye and the black above it looked like eyelashes to me.

    I'm really dumb.

  7. i think harry acts especially cute so he can get into posts that aren't even about him!!!

  8. Daisy - thank you for teaching me something. You have catucated me!

    Lin - If the publicist remembers something she learned when she could scuba dive your fish can change their sex too. Tricky fishies.

    Cute - ya gotta give the people what they want. heh heh

    blueviolet - I didn't notice that it was that bad....

    Reese - we aim to teach. heh heh

    Pooba - you just don't know goats. If it's one thing this goat knows it's goats.

    jaz - he is a bit of a scene stealer.

  9. That was a great question and great examples of how they keep their spots! Harry is just so cute doing his happy dance!

  10. Interesting! And they are all so adorable.

  11. Luke is a cutey. But then again I have a soft spot for kevin and harry. Good idea to post kevins pic just for good measure. I hate to say it but Michael--not so cute.hehe He has the "Im serious look" all the time. I have a thing for black and white. My cats, black and white. And some how I got an ugly tabby in the mix ( I heart my abby tabby!)

  12. Ha-these are so cute!!! I love Kevin!!

  13. Is Little Harry about to do a somersault?

  14. What cute pictures, I love the last one because he looks like he is getting ready to start break dancing or something. Too cute! All of our goats have pretty much stayed the same color except for Penny. She was a reddish color as a kid and is now tan.


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