Monday, August 10, 2009

Goatucation - Can You Keep a Goat in the House?

It is time for another Goatucation. Hooray! Today's question comes from The Small Town Mommy - she asks, "Can you keep a goat in the house like a pot-bellied pig or would she be unhappy?"

Now, I have heard tales of goats staying in houses when they were tiny kids but as they got older it simply would not work. For one things - and I don't mean to be indelicate here - we goats just go to the bathroom wherever and whenever we choose. This would make a major mess in your house and I am sure you would get mad at the goat. This would not be good.

We goats like to graze when we eat. We nibble a little here, we munch a bit there. That way we don't totally eat away all the grasses and weeds at one time.

Then there is the butting thing. I am sure a goat like Abby would butt the heck out of your nice furniture. That would not be a good thing. But that IS Abby. Now if the Small Town Mommy would LIKE Abby she just needs to send me her address and I will see what I can do....(just don't tell the publicist!)

There are also some goats that would eat your morning paper before you had a chance to read it - MICHAEL.

I hope this helped to answer your question about house living goats. Tune in tomorrow to see a day in the life of the publicist. Hmmm, I'll bet it's busy!


  1. We raised our babies,ButterBean and Nibbles in the house.They were litter box trained.The problems were that once they got bigger they would climb all over the furniture! I have goatie hoof marks permanently engraved on my end tables !

  2. i can just imagine a goat and a chow chow in the same house and it is not a pretty picture!

  3. LOL this is a good one. I wouldn't dream of having a goat in the house. I have enough human kids running around destroying things to add a goat to the mix!

  4. I am a little bit sad to learn that a goat cannot live in the house. It sounded like so much fun!

  5. darn. I was thinking about getting some. I guess I'll have to wait until I move to a farm someday :)

  6. Perhaps outside is the best place.

  7. i think having a goat in the house would be crazy but just think about how cute it would be to cuddle a little harry to sleep at night! ahhh

  8. Why do people want to make pets out of everything?? Some animals are just best left outside. We do not name our frogs for that reason and when we used to bring them in for the winter, we never treated them as pets. We didn't hold them or anything--just dropped food and left them to be wild.

    Good advice today, Pricilla! Even those pot-bellied pigs should be outside.

  9. I'd like a house goat, too. Oh well, I'll just settle for reading Pricilla's blog while I'm in MY house! :)

  10. Melodie - I can see it with kids - but not with grown up goats. We are a mess!

    jaz - heh heh. I think one of us might butt your doggie. And just think of the hair!

    Carolyn - I think you are a very smart human.

    Daisy - you are sure an adventurous kitty. Remember we butt cats. But not you of course!

    Margo - you could always get a stuffed goat..

    blueviolet - I couldn't agree more. I like it outside.

    Grumpster - yes, Harry is a cutie. But he does kick.

    Lin - you are very practical. That is good I think.

    Cute - I am glad I can help bring the goat world to you.

  11. I would still like to have a pet goat, although the going to the bathroom everywhere would be a deal breaker. Thank you for answering my question.

    I would love to have Abby. We are allowed to have 7 goats on our property so she should be happy here and have enough room. Although, would she be lonely? I am sure our dog would play with her, but she might like other goats. There are no goats in our neighborhood.

  12. So I have been thinking about Abby coming to visit. I am not sure I could afford a ticket for her. She seems like the type of goat who would prefer to fly first class. I can't afford to fly myself first class, let alone a goat, even one as lovely as Abby. Maybe if I win the lottery.

  13. Anne - We goats don't tend to like dogs much. And I talked to Abby and you are right. She would not fly any other way. In fact she threatened to butt ANYONE who would put her in coach. She is a first class goat all the way....

  14. So your saying you goats would eat the couch. Or maybe the sheets off the bed or something.. I get the picture. No goats in the house. OK.

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