Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Some Apple!

I think it is pretty well known by now that we goats LOVE to eat. There are some things we love better than others. Grain for one, apples for another. I, personally loves me some apples! The publicist is so nice to us here on the Farm - we get apples EVERY NIGHT. I don't know any other Farm where the goats get apples every night. I get so excited about apples. You can see the publicist teasing me a little bit here

But it is worth it because I gots me some apple.

I mean look at my face. Can you tell how much I loooooove that apple?

Gimme, gimme, gimme some apple!

I guess I have a one track goat mind, huh?

Tune in tomorrow for Ultimate Spool Supremacy - The Kids Battle, Part I


  1. I'd give you some apple too! You're cute.

  2. Oh, look at your cute little tongue! I could not resist feeding you delicious apples, too!

  3. Our goats don't like apples, but I read a while back where you said you gave them raisins, so we tried that, and they love them!

  4. Good Morning! I have something for you, Pricilla, on my blog! Maybe your publicist can explain it to you! :)

  5. I never realized what beautiful eyes you have Pricilla! Today's photos really accentuate them.

  6. Very cute! Those eyes look like topaz gemstones. I wish I looked that good when snacking on my favorite things, like chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

  7. OH, yes. Goaties love apples and bread too!

  8. i would feed you apples all day!

  9. Pricilla, Jack the donkey loves apples too! He doesn't get them every night though. In the fall he is treated to one a day and the extra pears from our trees. Betsy the cow really loves the pears.
    Now, my spoiled little girl Miracle Eve, still loves her bottle.
    Almost as much as you love your apples!

    Have a great day.

  10. Awwww. Do you have apple trees nearby?? How lucky you are to have such a nice home with humans who love you so.

  11. Yummy! I like apples too, but I'm not lucky enough to have them every day... ;)

  12. blueviolet - thank you. I LOVE apple.

    Daisy - I like my blog readers. I think they would spoil me.

    Statch - that was not here. I have never had a raisin. I will have to ask for one. I have had sunflower seeds. I like them.

    A.Marie - I will come look today. I was a baaad goat yesterday and spent too much time grazing to answer my comments. I hope you forgive me.

    Aunt Vicki - thank you very much. Do you think Luke the goat will like them too?

    D'Anna - I am sure you are beautiful when you eat your snacks. Now when the publicist gets near chocolate you had better watch out.

    Reese - I have never had bread but on my old Farm they gave me potato chips. I liked them.

    jaz - ooooh, can I come move in with you? I hope you like goat gas.

    g.farmwoman - thank you for visiting my blog. I like pears too. And carrots. I am glad your animals are spoiled like me.

    Lin - the publicist has nice neighbors who give her their windfall and she stores them in her basement. When they run out she has been very lucky to have just been given apples at fortunate times. The Great Farm Fairy in the sky must love us Happy Goats.

    Cute - We know how lucky we are!

  13. oh, this is a very cute post! love it! yum yum apples ha! :)

  14. blessedmom - Thank you for visiting my blog!


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