Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CSI: Happy Goats Farm

The Crime: The publicist went into the barn to let the boys out and found signs of a break in in Luke's pen. Or was it signs of an attempted break out?

The Evidence: A broken board and pieces of wood on the floor of Luke's pen.

A nail was popped further along the board.

The Suspects: Luke the goat; black and white with curly horns. Even tempered but capable of charging when provoked.

Michael the goat; brown and white and wild tempered. Will always charge regardless of provocation.

A review of the forensics reveals that the board broke INTO Luke's pen so it must have been MICHAEL THE GOAT banging his head on the boards.

Michael the goat is the guilty party.


Tune in tomorrow to find out it is the publicist does around here; or is there a third spool in the doe pen?


  1. Uh-oh! Looks like SOMEONE is in trouble! :)

  2. I knew it must have been Michael! Did he get in bad trouble?!?

  3. Michael!! Bad Goat! Were you trying to get Luke into trouble! :)

  4. So is Michael grounded from the wood pile? Is he in time out? No more delicious purple weed noms? Bad Michael!

  5. Be sure to remind Michael, in the words of Baretta, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time".

  6. CSI indeed! You're one clever goat sleuth!

  7. without even reading the post as soon as i saw the broken board my reaction was...uh oh!!! bad goat!!! now why would i automatically think this? hehe!!! good butting though!!!

  8. The other goats can't get anything by you, can they, Pricilla? I hope you didn't punish him too badly. Young goats can probably be mischievous.

  9. Oh man I bet that Michael is in big trouble! Good job in figuring out who did it Pricilla!

  10. Really??! And where was he going that he was going to be treated better??? Silly goat.

  11. Uh oh Michael, Priscilla is on to you!

  12. Sue - that Michael is a head banger!

    Daisy - the male person was not happy. He put in a 2 x 4 instead of a 1 x 4 so he can't break it again.

    A.Marie - I know! Trying to blame my big hunk o goat instead of himself. Baaaad Michael.

    Cute - the publicist spoils Michael. If it were up to the male person.....I heard the word butcher mentioned.

    D'Anna - the publicist said she remembers that show! heh heh

    Aunt Vicki - I am a very smart goat. It's all the grain. heh heh

    jaz - it's 'cause you are know us goats by now!

    JennyMac - thank you for visiting my blog...even if you had to see my kid on a bad day.

    Split Rock - you got it. Very baaaaaad. I'll bet your llamas are always good.

    Reese - that Michael is always causing trouble...he is Abby's brother.

    Anne - this is why I am the head goat!

    SL - it pays for me to peak in the window and watch the TV. Don't tell the publicist!

    Lin - he knows he has it good. He just wanted to get to the grain!

    Pooba - he is a naughty boy!

    BeadedTail - he didn't learn it from me! I am a GOOD goat.

  13. Those goats are SO DESTRUCTIVE! And I thought the wood chewing horses were bad!! Naughty goats!!

  14. Psst, Pricilla...Tell the publicist that the link to her site is not working under your blog roll.

  15. Methinks that conclusions have been jumped to too quickly, which is understandable around a herd of goats. For putting that crime scene photography under an electron microscope, I noticed that the wire was pushed OUT, and the pieces of broken board inside the pen could have been as a result of Luke catching his horns on it. Please tell Michael that we can negotiate my fee later if he would like to put me on retainer.

  16. That is too funny. No trial necessary. :)


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