Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am in full SpokesGoat mode today. I am very excited about it too. I have not had a big announcement for my shop in a long time. But now I do! The publicist has been working hard making lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of new soaps so you can be sure to have plenty to choose from for the upcoming holiday season. And well for any old reason at all. Because remember - my rich soap is NOT too pretty to use. It is to be used every day. It makes people happy when they use my rich soap - just look at what they have written about it here.

I am proud to introduce our new Harry the CowGoat Soap!


We have this soap in honor of little Harry who looks rather like a little cow.

It was time for something new in the shop and the publicist and I thought this would be a fun new soap to offer. The publicist has been working hard to have these ready in several scents. She will be listing them in my shop over the next few days.

Now of course I want to offer my loyal readers a special to celebrate this new addition to the line - so if you place an order that includes a Harry the CowGoat Soap through August 31st you will receive 15% off of your entire order!!!! Just put "blog" in the notes to seller and you can either pay and the publicist will send you a refund for the discount or she will be happy to send you a new invoice whichever you prefer. This special offer will start on Monday, August, 10th to give the publicist time to get the CowGoats in my shop.

She is still recovering from the County Fair. Silly publicist.


  1. The new soap is sooooo cute!

  2. I just can't get over how adorable looking Harry is. And I thought Kevin was the cutest goat ever.

    Congratulations on the new soap. I'm planning to put in an order soon.

  3. Darned soap. I'm freaking ADDICTED! This soap is great for shaving your legs and I made the mistake of saying so out loud one day--now Em is using MY soap and digging it too. Ugh! Can I not have to share my beloved goat soap??!

    Love the cute cow design!

  4. Oh, what adorable soap!! I have GOT to get an order in; but, I'll have to hide them so my hubby and kids don't use them! :)

  5. That fat little Harry soap is darling! Harry should be quite proud!

  6. That is the cutest soap we've ever seen! Great offer too!

  7. if you had little stuffed harry toys made you could make millions!!! or at least i would buy several! i want to make cheese. how do you make it?

  8. OMG, that is too funny because every time my husband looks at pictures of little Harry he comments that Harry looks just like a little Holstein cow!!! Can you tell hubby was a dairy farmer in his "previous life"?!

    Love the new soaps - will have to put another order in - I need a little Harry in my shower...well, you know what I mean!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. When you said you have a cow now, I thought you meant the "moo moo" cow. But this is just as cute.

    Can't wait to try it.

    I'm gonna have to put an order in tomorrow. We are running low.

    Moooofully yours,


  11. How adorable. I've heard great things about your soaps!

  12. Daisy - thank you!

    Statch - I am glad you are considering my rich soap. Thanks for your compliments to Harry even though he is my grandkid I am partial to Kevin since he is my kid.

    Lin - now, now. You must share. That is what moms do. I am glad you like my soap.

    A.Marie - heh heh. I can send them in a plain brown wrapper. heh heh

    blueviolet - he is proud. Thank you

    BeadedTail - thank you. I am pleased with my choice. I thought a lot about it.

    jaz - the publicist has thought about it. She can send you cheese making recipes if you would like. She just needs to get them copied.

    Split Rock - he does look just like a little cow. We laugh all the time. Maybe I can ask your hubby for cow advice. heh heh

    ecokaren - haha I fooled you. I am a sly goat. Thank you!

    frogs - I am glad you have heard good things. This is better than hearing bad things.

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