Friday, August 14, 2009

AbbyDay - Who is King of the Hill....or Queen?

Hooray it's AbbyDay! You know how much I love to have my day on the blog. I personally think I should have AbbyDay everyday. Why should Pricilla have all the glory? I am the prettiest goat on the Farm.

Well, anyway, there is a hill just behind the male person's big truck. It is not a big hill but it is a hill nonetheless. We goats love to climb the hill and eat the weeds that grow on it. We all went over on the hill the other day but of course I looked the best over there and I was the Queen of the Hill.

I mean, look at me up there - aren't I just stunning?

Look at me munching the tasty weeds.

I bring little Harry up there too so he can get the yummiest bits.

I think the purple flowers of the knapweed just look beautiful against my fur. I show them off well, don't I?

I think I am truly the Queen of the Hill! What do you think? This is the look I will give you if you disagree.....

Tune in tomorrow to see how everyone else enjoyed their stay on the hill.


  1. What a good life goats live! Happy weekend, Abby.

  2. Yes, I like those pretty flowers against your fur! And they look mighty tasty too!

  3. Do you like to eat Thistle, too? If so, would you like to come visit us here at Split Rock Ranch? We have lots of big thistle that needs to be eaten and the llamas won't touch it.

  4. free salad! those purple flowers look great with your coat... Nice. Happy Friday!

  5. What pretty and obviously tasty purple flowers Abby! That was nice of you to share your stash to Harry!

  6. I prefer my salads to be flower free, but to each his own right?

  7. You are definitely a good goaty Queen for eating that nasty knapweed.

  8. Lin - we have a good life. Even I will admit that.

    blueviolet - I think purple might be my color!

    Split Rock - I don't know that I have ever eaten thistle. I don't like clover...

    Margo - from one as stylish as you well, I am truly complimented.

    Anonymous - Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Cici - well, you are my biggest supporter.

    BeadedTail - I still share with my kid. Not for long though. He has to learn to be on his own soon.

    jaz - heh heh. That is my way!

    Pooba - you got that right.

    Cute - I agree wholeheartedly.

    Reese - We all love knapweed around here.


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