Friday, August 28, 2009

AbbyDay- I Love the Male Person's Garden

Do you want to know why? Because we get treats from it! Yes, that's correct. I am sure you all remember when Mallory and I got to Beet It. Well, the other day the publicist received a big box of carrots from the male person

And guess what we goats got to eat? That's right! The carrot tops. Mmmmm, they are mighty tasty.

Of course I am the best looking goat eating carrot tops. It's the bright green against my shiny black fur.

Here is my close up. I should be in a commercial!

Harry enjoyed some yummy greens too! He is my kid so he can share AbbyDay.

 Tomorrow you will see how the other, inferior, goats enjoyed their carrot tops. And if you didn't get a chance to click " I like it" on the publicist's need for a vacation the Whrrl is off to the right there.

And big news! I get to make a SpokesGoat announcement. So there, Pricilla! This weekend only if you buy something from the publicist's jewelry shop you get a free bar of our rich soap - either a goat, a cat, or a plain bar. The details are in her shop announcement.
All items are 25% off too!


  1. do those carrot tops make you see better in the dark?

  2. I think carrot tops must be delicious and very good for you!

  3. Yes, you're definitely worthy of being in commercials!

  4. Abby, you should certainly be in commercials! You make carrot tops look so good!

  5. You are so lucky to get all of those fabulous treats in the summer. It sounds like me when I am offered ice cream.

  6. jaz - hmmm, it COULD be why we see so well.

    Daisy - most greens are good for us. And we love them!

    Reese - seriously nommy!

    blueviolet - I am glad you appreciate my beauty.

    Carolyn - thank you. I think I really should star in a movie.

    BeadedTail - thank you!

    Anne - the publicist makes ice cream with our milk. She says it's yummy!


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