Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Peak - A - Boo

Peek - a - Boo

I See You


  1. Oh Kevin, you are so adorable!

  2. Kevin, I want to come and pet you. I'd have lots of fun playing peek a boo with you...

  3. Goats in the morning always make my day.

  4. Super cute! What a great way to start the day. :)

  5. these are tough times. Thats why its good to come over here and look at goats!! They are so damn cute!

  6. The little guy is growing up too fast. Now he's a big boy with little horns!

  7. What a cutie, patootie! I adore photos of him. I will miss him when he leaves.

  8. i want to hold hands with a goatling!!!!! lucky you! glad you liked the mustard. we are having bbq'd chicken this weekend!

  9. Too sweet. I just love him!

  10. awwww! oh my goodness. i want a goat sooooo bad. that is adorable!
    -Audrey, Wilfred's mom

  11. Thanks, those photos cheered me up (and I needed it)!!

  12. Somebody needs a little bit of attention today!

  13. Oh, I feel like he's coming to say "hi" to me!! I just want to kiss that sweet nose. :)

  14. Daisy - I think you and Kevin would have fun playing together.

    Donna - you should have to live with him!

    A.Marie - you can come visit me any time

    Carolyn - I am quite fond of goats myself ;)

    Cute - I think you should get a goat. I think EVERYONE should get a goat.

    Aunt Vicki - He thinks he is a big boy...don't they all?

    Anne - I will miss him too...

    Pooba - I think he wanted to dance with the publicist

    jaz - enjoy your chicken. We have lots of chicken in my goat pen.

    Sue - thank you. I think he is cute too.

    Grumpster - thank you for visiting my blog. I would have visited yours but Kevin pulled the line on my internet access and it didn't get fixed until the male person came home from work and I was in my goat house by then and couldn't go blog visiting. I will visit you tomorrow.

    tstreasures - I am glad my little Kevin could give you a smile.

    blueviolet - he needs attention EVERY day. Trust me on that.

    Lin - erm, he stinks a little...from walking in the chicken poop, ya know?


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