Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Harry Met Stinky - The Tale of a Small Goat and an Even Smaller Cat

Once upon a time on a Farm in a mystical land there was born a small little goat.And he was given the name of Harry.

Harry loved his life on the Farm. His days were simple and full of fun. He got to frolic with his Uncle Kevin.

Who taught him the joy of playing in the magic wood pile.

While no one was looking he climbed the mountain of Heavenly Hay thinking this would give him special goat powers, but it didn't. It only got him in trouble with the Farm Fairy.

He ate the secret sand that he believed gave him super leaping abilities. The other goats told him they were just minerals but he knew better.

He ate them and he felt like he could fly!

But then one day as he was wandering around his wonderful Farm he encountered a strange and unusual creature. He wondered what it was. It had no horns. It had no hooves.

It didn't smell right. In fact, the first time he gave it a good sniff IT RAN AWAY.

But that did not stop our intrepid goat, oh no! He had eaten the magic sand remember and he had super powers so he searched out the strange creature again.

It ran away at first but Harry followed it into the high grass.

It seemed friendly.
This time they gave each other some good sniffs.

Harry decided that this furry animal was no threat to him. His nanny Abby told him it was called a cat and that he should butt it. Harry did not think this was nice. He didn't think he should butt it just because it was different. He was going to try and make friend with the cat the next time he saw it. He hoped that day would come soon.

I hope you liked this story. Harry is a good little kid and he does leave the Farm cats alone unlike some of us who shall remain nameless. Tomorrow is AbbyDay and ANYTHING can happen on AbbyDay!

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  1. i think the publicist should write a childrens book about goats!!! i would buy it and read it.

  2. I love that story! Harry is so sweet to try to befriend Stinky the cat. I hope it works out.

  3. What a great story! Sounds like Harry is not much like his mom ... ahem.

  4. What a sweet story of when Harry Met Stinky! We enjoyed it very much!

  5. This story incorporates 2 of my favorite things... Harry the goat and cats (even if the poor thing is named Stinky). Looking forward to Abby day since she is coming with me to BlogHer.

  6. What a wonderful story. Harry, now nice that you want to befriend Stinky! And Harry, you're getting cuter every that even possible?!

  7. I think Stinky is smiling at Harry in that one picture!

  8. Harry is so lovely and should be the Poster Kid for animal relations. Great story!

  9. Awww, what a cute story! What a sweet goat, befriending the cat and not headbutting him. :)

  10. How adorable! And I can't get over what a great-looking goat Harry is.

    So....there's got to be a story behind the name Stinky?

  11. Harry is just as cute as Kevin. I had no idea goats were so active. Really, all the jumping and climbing is so fun to see. What's up with the goats at county fairs? Are they drugged or something?

  12. Aw, I love this story! You should make a goat children's book. :)

    I'm glad Harry and Stinky are pals.

  13. jaz - thank you for your confidence in the publicist.

    Daisy - Harry is a very sweet goat. He likes cats. Unlike SOME goats around here.

    Aunt Vicki - apparently cat hating is not genetic.

    Beaded Tail - I am glad you liked my story. I try and make things interesting around here.

    Anne - Abby is getting ready already. She is talking about some red hoof polish.

    Split Rock - Harry is getting cuter. Kevin is not sure he is happy about this.

    Reese - Stinky is photogenic; for a cat.

    Theresa - I think he could teach the humans of the world some things.

    Meri - he is a good boy. I have been know to send Stinky airborn. I am a baaaaad goat.

    Statch - let's just say you know when Stinky is in the litter box. Let's just say the whole neighborhood knows when Stinky is in the litterbox....

    Frogs - they are scared. And out of their element. Or well trained. Which we are not.

    Cute - thanks so much!

  14. you goats sure are smart! you aren't afraid of scarecrows are you? i think a scarecrow might look edible to a goat!

  15. I'm finally catching up on your blog posts from the week and this tale was SO much fun to read. Think book. BOOK. B O O K! Did I say book? lol

  16. That is just the cutest little story. I love that they're farm friends. :)

  17. I love the photo of Harry flying!!! You are a great shot!

  18. I liked your story and loved that you posted the pictures along with it. Harry seems like a very nice goat to want to be friends with the cat.

    Merry Christmas! Visiting from SITS.

  19. Totally hilarious and sweet, great post.

  20. Great story, you could have that published. I think my kids would enjoy it very much.


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