Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Heck with Schedules

As the publicist mentioned it was too late for me to blog last night. I am sorry about this as I like to keep my blog updated. I am a responsible goat. But I can also be a rebellious goat. You can see my stubborn face here:

I don't want to do Goatucation today. Goatucation is for Mondays; this is Tuesday so I am going to do what I want. I am sad about my goat friends and I don't want to talk about bad food to eat. Instead I am going to show you pictures about very confused Farm animals. I have already written of how Kevin was not sure he was a chicken or a goat. Now I think the chickens are not sure of what they are! The publicist looked out her window and this is what she saw:

A CHICKEN WAS DRINKING OUT OF MY WATER BUCKET. The chickens have their own water they don't need mine!

Then the chicken WENT INTO MY GOAT HOUSE! Isn't it bad enough they are in my pen? Now they are going in my goat house?!

It wasn't only the chickens! I looked over at the refilled water bucket and, well...

Fred the Farm cat was drinking out of it. Seriously! He has plenty of water. He doesn't need mine. Fred is not a goat. Fred is a cat. A crazy cat.

So you can see some silly things go on around this Farm. It is good I keep an eye out and let the publicist know what is happening.

Thank you for being patient with my absence yesterday and for your kind words about my sick friends.


  1. Go, Fred! I like Fred. Cats will drink water anywhere besides a bowl--I'm convinced.

    I'm sorry about your goat friends. :( Geesh, I didn't think they were THAT sick. I think they are at the rainbow bridge with my fish.

  2. Pricilla, I am very sorry about your goat friends.

    I can see some very silly things happen at your home. I think Fred realizes that your goatie water tastes extra-delicious!

  3. So sorry about your goat friends.

    All the other animals just want to be like you...goats are soooo cool.

  4. Losing friends is always sad. You've had a rough couple of days. :) Thanks for the post today. I especially like seeing Fred the cat drink goat water. Makes me realize my cat just might be "normal" after all, drinking everyone else's water but his own.

  5. I know I shouldn't laugh at other animals stealing your water but it's funny!

  6. a cat named fred...how cute is that? did the publicist eat alfalfa dust too? the male person has a lot in common with my son. he is eating mustard on anything he can find. i will be making mustard this weekend too. i am almost out! you gave me a good idea about a ham though. i have a killer recipe for ham that i will put on here as soon as i buy one. it calls for buying the cheapest ham you can find...ha!!!!

  7. That is one crazy farm you are running pricilla!! LOL! And fred? Well I think he is just jealous of all the fun you goats have. The chickens dont give a flying flip either way, they just want to steer clear of the clever. So if pretending to be a goat is the way to do it, they will do what works for them!hehe

    Thanks for stopping by today. The good news is my platters are food safe! So you can enjoy your alfalfa in a fancy LARGE platter, while the platters play! How fun is that?

  8. Lin - Thank you for your kind words. I think you are right about my friends.

    Daisy - Fred is a crazy cat. He also drinks out of the bathroom sink. Thank you for your nice words.

    Carolyn - I am glad you realize that we goats are too cool for words. Thank you.

    D'Anna - cats are not normal. Not at all. Goats are normal. heh heh.
    Thank you about my friends.

    blueviolet - just wait until a chicken steals YOUR water!

    jaz - the publicist found him in Fredricksburg, Va. That is how he got his name.

    AB - I am glad you realize Fred is crazy. Thank you for the platter info. I may consider them when I redo my goat house.

  9. Well what about sharing??? Have you learned nothing after having Harry? Well everybody needs to drink and I think you could be a bit easier on everyone on the farm.


  10. oops, I meant to write Kevin!!! Mistake...


Maaaaaa away....


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