Friday, July 10, 2009

The Return of AbbyDay! - My Life as a Nanny

Yes, Pricilla has decided to give me my day on the blog again. Truth be told I really think it was the publicist but I will let Pricilla sound like a nice goat; at least for this one day. Before I get to my wonderful tale of being Harry's nanny I want to ask you all a favor. The wonderful blog Secondary Roads is having a Blogosphere's Got Talent Contest and my little Harry is entered. That's right MY LITTLE HARRY. I am sooooo proud. He is entered for his talent of leaping from hay bale to hay bale. So, if you wouldn't mind checking out the contest and voting - of course you don't HAVE to vote for Harry.....I promise not to butt you if you don't.(The publicist made me write that.)

Now on to my tale. Harry is, of course, the cutest kid in the world. That is because he is my kid. I would only produce cute kids. He is getting very active and sometimes he can be a little pesky. But I am a good mom and I put up with his climbing

And his standing on me.

Now I do have to draw SOME lines with the little devil, even if he is cute. Chewing on my horn is a bit much! I am not a goat snack!

I had finally had enough of all this wrestling about so I told Harry to go lie down by the goat house. At last, peace.

But he does look a bit forlorn, doesn't he?

I am glad to be back and you can look for regular AbbyDay posts on Fridays from now on. Hooray!


  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words on my blog. I am enjoying my goat hugs.

    (This morning I may or may not have kissed my Cleo on her sweet nose.)

    Harry really is the cutest thing...almost as cute as my Layla :)

  2. Crap. I think I'm totally going to lose to a goat!! I can't beat such cuteness. Ugh.

    What is up with those goats climbing?? I think Hobbes may be part goat because he climbs on my chest EVERY SINGLE morning. Nothing like 47 pounds of stripey goodness on your chest. ARrrrghhhh!

  3. Oh Abby, you are such a good goatmom! I cannot believe little Harry climbs all over you. It looks like when he was Not Allowed to chew on your horn, he sought comfort with a brick.

  4. Welcome back, Abby! What funny and very cute pictures. Harry sure does love you. I think, in general, moms just taste good to their little ones.

  5. Welcome back Abby. We missed you although we know you were doing important work while you were gone. Harry is adorable and I had to vote for him against poor Lin (although I did suggest a photo of Harry in Lin's rain gear).

  6. Classic adorable!! Mike still wants to put his bid in on Harry. He's just the sweetest looking kid.

  7. Hey Abby, great to hear from you... I'll go vote for Harry right now :)

  8. Carolyn - I am all in favor of goat hugs...and I accept the occasional kiss. I just don't let anyone see it happen.

    Lin - the publicist once had a 22lb cat named Bart who would sleep on her belly at night. It lead to dreams she was pregnant. Or was that nightmares?

    Daisy - I do not like to be chewed on. I doubt you would either. He is actually sleeping on the skid for the goat house. It is moveable.

    D'Anna - I suppose you are right but I reiterate - I AM NOT A GOAT SNACK!

    Anne - heh heh. That would indeed be funny. It is a shame the publicist sucks at photoshop.

    Julia - you would have to take Kevin too. Goats have to have a goat friend or they waste away.

    Margo - thank you very much! I, of course, think he is a winner no matter what.

  9. i voted for harry!!!! your mustard will go out tomorrow!! what fun!!!

  10. Oh those photos are so cute! Poor Harry getting told off and sitting by his lonesome.

  11. Sigh...I'm in love...sorry Kevin, but Harry is the new love in my life.

  12. jaz - thank you. The publicist is looking forward to it.

    tstreasures - don't worry. Harry wasn't lonely for long. He was soon into mischief with Kevin.

    Split Rock - I can understand. Harry is cuter. I am his mom and I know this.

  13. That looks like one of those massages where someone walks on your back... Great job, Harry.


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