Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Male Person, His Garden and The Goats - Part II

So I now continue the exciting tale that started yesterday. If you will recall we left Mallory looking to the side as she had heard something....

What might she have heard?

What could possibly be approaching?
From inside the goat pen.
Could it possibly be ANOTHER GOAT?!
Of course it's another goat...
Jillian the goat to be exact.

Jillian decided to join her sister Mallory and get herself some of those tasty lettuce leaves the male person was handing out. She's no dummy, that Jillian. As I said yesterday, I should have been over there!

The male person gave Jillian a really big stalk of spinach. Ooooh, did that look good. Mallory thought so too and they fought over it. Silly goats! Not even fencing can keep these two from butting heads with each other.

After that Mallory went further down the fence line to search out the grass and weeds. Jillian found some too.

But then Jillian spotted the horseradish plants! She decided that a sharp, spicy bite of horseradish leaf was just the ticket! But she pulled out the whole plant!

The male person was not happy! He took the plant right out of her mouth and replanted it. He hopes it survives this rough treatment.

It didn't stop Jillian from trying to take some more nibbles, though.

The male person had finally had enough of the two girls eating his garden and he gave them a firm talking to. They backed away from the fence and he left.

But did they stay away?
What do you think?

Be sure to come back tomorrow for my next Goatucation Post. You will find out what we goats shouldn't eat.



  1. Just me...I came by for my "goat fix!"

    Girls, you both are just beautiful. Just seeing your pics makes me want to just reach through the computer screen and give you both big rubs and hugs!

  2. mouth pilfering.....someone should be arrested. haha!!!!! mustard is flying through the air to you as i type!

  3. So many fun tales! This is way better than any of those soap operas on tv like Days of our Lives. Can't wait for the next episode.

  4. What is Mr. Male Person's real name? Maybe its Jehosephat, or Obediah, something he wouldn't want the world to know. OO! Is it Jeremiah?

  5. I love goats!! They always think the grass is greener on the other side. In this case, they may be right. I enjoyed your story.

  6. If they could only learn to nibble and not yank! But these are goats....learning doesn't come easy. My goat fix, too!

  7. Forget the fence -- I think you need a wall to keep these hungry goats away from the garden!

  8. There just seems to be no way to keep a goat out of trouble!

  9. Oh, those are some naughty goats!! But I still think they are cute. ;)

  10. Mmm I think I want some radishes for lunch too.

  11. A.Marie - they are nice goats, but not as pretty as me. heh heh

    jaz - the publicist is quite happy about that.

    D'Anna - well I am glad I keep it interesting for you.

    Cici - bwahahahaha, nothing so's John.

    Reese - thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you don't mind my attitude towards cats. heh heh\

    Sandy - we goats don't learn. We teach.

    Aunt Vicki - but then how would we get to nibble on the nice tasty lettuces?

    blueviolet - bwahahahaha!

    Lin - you don't know the half of it! Are you still buying votes?

    Carolyn - ooooh, spicy!


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