Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kevin in the Wood Pile

Aaaah, the wood pile! I love the wood pile! As you have seen we have ALL been enjoying the wood pile lately, from Harry, to Abby to Jillian and Mallory. But who is left? Why the little white goat! What did Kevin do in the wood pile - why eat, of course!

He also showed his nephew Harry where some of the best bits to eat could be found.

Isn't he a nice Uncle?
He loves to scratch his head on the branches in the wood pile - I have to admit it does feel good!

He loves to clamber about. Sometimes I wonder about him, but I guess I know what he is doing. He explores the part of the wood pile that has the waste wood from the building of the publicist's house. He is not supposed to go there but he does. Baaaad Kevin!

Isn't he just the cutest kid?

Tomorrow you will learn what what happened when Harry met Stinky.


  1. when do the boys leave? i sure will miss them!

  2. I thought little Kevin would hippity-hoppity-hop all over the woodpile!

  3. You goaties are sure having a great time in that wood pile!

  4. Yes, he's just darling! They have fun every single day!

  5. Harry looks devlish on that pile, up to no good! Kevin is just as cute as can be..he cant do anything worng, hes perfect!

  6. I was outside this weekend and could use a good branch to scratch my bug bites too. Kevin is so cute, but the waste wood doesn't look too sturdy. I hope he doesn't slip.

  7. Looks like that wood pile is a pretty popular place to play!

  8. That wood pile is such an adventure...

    And how did I never notice Kevin has black spots on his front legs? Cute!

  9. islandgirl - Kevin is a cutie - and a devil all at once.

    jaz - we are not exactly sure when they will leave but definitely not until Harry is at least two months old. That is one more month away.

    Daisy - he did do some hopping. I guess the publicist wanted to show his eh-hem quiet side.

    Aunt Vicki - he sure is. The publicist can hardly carry him any more.

    Reese - you have no idea. You should get a wood pile of your own!

    blueviolet - it is good to be a goat. Especially here. We are spoiled.

    AB - you think so. I'll send him to you for a week. Let him run around your lovely studio. THEN you can tell me how perfect he is. heh heh

    Anne - fortunately we goats are pretty agile. He would just hop away.

    Sugarandspice - thank you for visiting my blog. It can be arranged. Bwahahahaha!

    Theresa - you should try it some time.

    Cute - yes, they are his favorite markings. He thinks they look like kneepads.

  10. Cactus Jack - we goats live to climb.

  11. Look at his little antlers!! Wow! He sure is growing up fast.

  12. The size difference still cracks me up but I guess two (?) months is going to take a while to catch up too. And I was a little worried about Kevin. He heeds a really good scolding since I could see nails sticking out in the house wood. But I am guessing goats are nimble enough to not puncture themselves.

  13. That's so funny Patty!!!

    I see the goats have their priorities sorted! and I expect Michael gets a cuddle?
    so funny to see Kevin and Harry - ha ha!!
    I had such a good luagh reading this!


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