Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm King of the World....the Hay World

As I have written about in several posts before we now have a HUGE hay pile on the Farm. You also know we were all bad goats in the hay pile. But Kevin, well his experience in the hay pile is a story all on its own.
Kevin jumped into the hay pile just like the rest of us, but he didn't stop at the bottom.

Then he hopped all the way up to the top!

He stayed up there even though Mallory was erm, encouraging him to come down.

I swear I heard him maaaaaa something to the effect that he was, "King of the world."

Crazy goat!
He did some exploring while he was up there. What he was looking for, I have no idea.

Aaaah, a tasty bite of hay to munch! I should have known.

He should know better, silly boy. When he went to climb the hay pile the next day the publicist told him NO! and she put him in his pen so he could learn his lesson. I somehow doubt it....What do you think?


  1. He looks like he has a big cow eye with eyelashes! Cutie.

  2. Climbing a hay pile is great fun, whether you are a human kid or goat kid. Kevin and the rest of the gang know a good time when they see it. I used to climb my grandfather's hay pile with my cousins (a LONG time ago) and even make forts out of the bales. Some things never change!

  3. With all the fresh grass and other yummies around why do they nibble on the grass hay? I would think they would not touch it! My horses will walk right past the hay stack without a glance if there is fresh grass available! You goaties are different though. But entertaining!!!

  4. Aww! I have to saw that it always makes me smile when I see a blog post of Kevin doing something mischievous!

  5. I'm sure there was an extra special bit of hay at the very top of the pile. That's where publicists always hide the best stuff. Just sayin'

  6. kevin was climbing to hay heaven!!!! 28 lbs of cherries. you are a brave woman. maybe use that great soap on your red fingers!!!!

  7. Good morning Pricilla! I dropped in to let you know that I gave you an award today - the One Lovely Blog Award!

    Go here to pick up your award:

    I wish we had some beautiful hay like yours in OUR hay shed! We're still waiting for it to stop raining so everyone can cut their hay here in Colorado!

    Have a great day!

  8. Kevin should explore the world, I mean hay tower. After all youth is truly ignorant bliss. Is there any other way to live? Young and dumb?? LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping by! Im going to check out your friends site. I love oils too. Sometimes they get pricey. But Im excited to see what she has!

    Who knew that goats could get a degree in art! Maybe you should start working on Kevin and Harry now. They seem like rebels. You may have a hard time getting them to commit to a curriculum outside of hay climbing and showing off cuteness! Haha

  9. Cute is Kev's name! Alwas awwwdorable!

  10. blueviolet- I do call Harry our cowgoat. His coloring is so cow like.

    D'Anna - if you ever visit here you can climb our hay pile. I will clear it with the publicist for you.

    Julia - we goats love hay. It is less work than finding the tasty weeds so maybe we are just lazy.

    Meri - Kevin is a bit a of a troublemaker. I think he gets that from his dad.

    Aunt Vicki - would the publicist really do that to us? Harumph!

    jaz - now that is very poetic. The publicist is a bit crazy.

    Split Rock - thank you for the award. The publicist is very bad about posting my awards. I think I have to butt her.

    AB - there is no hope for those little bucklings. They are boys aferall!

    Cici - I will tell Kevin what you said. It will, of course, go to his head.

  11. omg....i just realized that kevin is on the hayway to hayven!!!!! haha hehe hay hay!!!

  12. Cute - I didn't know you were a poet! Harry enjoyed his day in the sun...heh heh

    jaz - have you been drinking fermented goat's milk?

  13. OMG I love goats! Makes me miss Cookie, Cammy, Zeke and Nicholas.

  14. So, are they mountain goats now??

  15. Sandy - thanks for visiting my blog. Everyone should have a goat.

    Lin - I think Kevin thinks he is!

  16. I showed Harry to Mike and he wants him. I told him you were in Montana and he perked up and asked "Where?" LOL! That would be a long trip to retrieve a cute goat. :)

  17. Look at that pretty green hay! Sure looks like the goats had fun climbing and jumping on it. A tasty, green mountain just for them!

  18. I think Kevin is a real dynamo. I say, if he wants to climb to the top
    he should be able to climb to the top!


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