Saturday, July 4, 2009


As you know from yesterday's post the male person went and got our hay for the winter. Now when we first saw the HUGE pile of hay I have to admit we were a little scared of it and had to be coaxed into the barn. We goats don't like change. I mean look at all that hay!

But by the next day we were VERY comfortable with the hay pile. VERY COMFORTABLE. Can you tell?

Abby, of course was up there too. Abby doesn't miss a chance to be a bad goat.

We are not allowed in the hay pile but this did not stop us. Not with all that good hay to eat.
Oh no! Even little Harry was participating in this orgy of hay eating. I will detail his tale in another post as his first experience hopping up and down on the big bales of hay is just too cute to be ignored.

I and all of the goats here on the Farm want to take this opportunity to wish all of you humans out there in the United States a Happy Fourth of July. We will be hiding in our barn when the fireworks start. We don't like fireworks....all those noises that sound like gunshots are not for us.


  1. My hubby is allergic to hay so I have to do all the hay lifting and stacking. You are lucky to have a farm helper :)

    Looks like your goaties had a good time.

  2. what fun...they can eat and jump at the same time!!! where i live fireworks are set off so often that i don't even bother looking at them anymore. this city farts fireworks. crude but true!!!

  3. Kevin looks so grown up now!! And little Harry is adorable trying to get up there like the big goats.

    Happy 4th to you all!

  4. Ah, look at little Kevin hopping around up there! I hope you have a happy and safe Independence Day!

  5. Visiting from SITS. Happy 4th of July!

    I'm sneezing just looking at all the hay...LOL

  6. Lots of climbing, jumping and fun!

  7. Carolyn - the male person has erm, hay fever. Heh heh. But the publicist isn't supposed to lift things so he does this for us. Isn't he nice?

    jaz - farting fireworks. heh heh
    Maybe if someone lit a match by my methane producing butt...heh heh

    Lin - thank you! Happy 4th to you too you dork...heh heh

    Daisy - thank you. I hope you don't have to spend too much time under the bed.

    Redhead Riter - thank you for visiting my blog. Happy 4th of July!

    blueviolet - we are adventurous goats!


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