Thursday, July 2, 2009

Harry Wonders - What are They?

Now that Harry is a week old and he has grown a bit and gotten stronger he and Abby have moved into the big pen with the rest of us "girl" goats. I use the quotation marks because of Kevin. He isn't a boy and he isn't a girl but he is in the doe pen so..... Little Harry has also been wethered so he is in Kevin's boat too. That way they can keep each other company when they go to their new Farm.

Now you all know that the chickens are in my goat pen. Some of the chickens are bigger than Harry! He has been exploring the big pen and I think he wonders what those funny animals are.

He has gone over and checked out the chicken tractor.

I have even heard rumors from the male person that he was IN the chicken tractor like another small goat on the Farm. I have not seen this myself but I could have been napping in my goat house. Silly goat.

He has gone around the other side of the chicken tractor and checked out the chickens.

I think he likes hopping on the boardwalk. To a little goat like Harry that is a big hop right now.

As far as I know he hasn't butted any of the chickens but I don't see everything....

Now I must be a SpokesGoat for a minute. The next issue of the newsletter will be going out next week! Hooray! The publicist has an announcement about exciting news for my shop and my rich soap so be sure to sign up if you haven't.


  1. He's really cute. When I look at him, I think of him as a baby cow goat.

  2. Wow, I guess I didn't really realize just how small he was till I see him next to chickens. Neat-what a cute cute little guy.

  3. Harry sure is a curious little goatie! I hope the chickens are nice to him.

  4. Some of those chickens look almost as big as Harry! I hope he learns some head-butting skills soon so he can protect himself if needed. My sister had a mean rooster that attacked my kids when they were little. He's no longer with us. Happy 4th of July!

  5. He probably is enjoying seeing someone else his size. All the rest of the goats (even Kevin) must look huge from his angle. At least he can look the chickens in the eye.

  6. He is just so picturesque. The black and white is pure poetry.

  7. Just how cute can these goats get?
    I have passed on an award to Pricilla. Hey even goats need recognition!
    Please pick it up at my blog

  8. Very cute but G says no goats.... and my gardens have enough problems with the deer... so where are they going to go?

  9. blueviolet - his daddy looks like a cow too. That is probably how he came by it.

    Sue - he is a little guy. Very surprising considering what a cow Abby was before she delivered. That wasn't very nice of me, was it?

    Daisy - the chickens pretty much ignore him right now.

    D'Anna - I think because the chickens are still young everything is OK for now. We will see what happens as they mature.

    Anne - I think you may be right!

    Carolyn - you are so expressive!

    Beadwright - thank you for my award. I really appreciate it.

    Islandgirl - tell G he is boring if he has no goats heh heh. A big fence will keep the deer out and the goats in.

    Lin - you're right. Once Harry learns to butt those chickies are in for it!


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