Monday, July 6, 2009

GOATUCATION - What Do You Prefer to Eat?

Welcome back for another exciting installment of Goatucation. Today's question comes from Statch at WannaBe in the Country. She wants to know what we goats here on the Happy Goats Farm prefer to eat. Well if I was to answer that honestly I would say GRAIN, GRAIN, GRAIN AND MORE GRAIN.

But a goat can't live on grain alone so we do eat other things here on the Farm. You all know about our hay. We don't eat much of it in the summer but we practically live on it in the winter.

In the summer we have lots of tasty weeds and green grass to eat. I especially love the knapweed that grows around the Farm. Yum, yum. The male person is very happy when I eat it.

Jillian always goes for the tall green grass. I like that too, but I like the knapweed better.

The boys like to graze over by the trees. Sometimes they like to butt the trees. But they are boys.

Sometimes we sneak into the mulch pile and eat some of the interesting things that have been tossed in there. I often find cornstalks and the like. I don't know what Kevin found this day.

Since the chickens have moved into my pen we tend to eat the chicken feed that they spill. Chicken feed is, of course, GRAIN.

Hmmm, who is in the grain bucket?

At night we get our goat treat which more often than not is apple. I really like apple. Can you tell?

Later in the summer we will have other items for goat treat like leaves from the broccoli and cauliflower plants and beet greens. All of these things are quite yummy.

And I can't forget pine trees, we love pine trees and spruce trees too!
I guess we goats get a lot of good things to eat here on the Farm. I guess you could say we were spoiled goats.

Thanks for another great Goatucation question. Please keeping asking questions!!!! I love to answer them.


  1. Thanks for the answer! I saw your post about stocking up on hay for the winter, and started worrying about whether we should do that also. (We just got our goats in the spring.) Then I remembered -- we live in the South. We don't have a winter! :->

  2. Just wondering do you use beet pulp or alfalfa pellets? My goats love both I want to experiment to see if they increase milk supply as I have heard other places.

  3. Which one of your cousins ate my paper bag last summer?

  4. It sounds like you have a really delicious and varied goat diet! Does your milk taste different depending on what you have been snacking on? I would think the pine snacks might make your milk taste piney!

  5. what don't you eat? i know my pup would eat a lot of things she should not so i am vigilant to keep them away from her. are there things that are bad for goats?

  6. Wow those goats love it all :) They are so cute and seems not to picky to cook for :)

    Stopping by from SITS to say hi & invite you over to our Jewelery Giveaway. We are a small Charity that sends gifts/cards to men/women/children battling cancer.

  7. Wow, I should invite you over for dinner :). We don't have grain, but we do have a lot of weeds, grass and delicious pine trees (although my neighbors might be upset if you ate them).

  8. Statch - we often have snow covered ground in the winter so we have to have hay or we would starve!

    Carolyn - the male person has heard of the alfalfa pellets. He is afraid that would be too much like grain since alfalfa hay is grain rich. He has not heard of the beet pulp pellets but is now interested in learning. He has given the publicist an assignment to learn more.

    blue violet - we goats keep secrets. heh heh. We will never tell! Bwahahahaha

    Daisy - different breeds of goats have milk that tastes different. So far our milk has stilled tasted the same to the male person and publicist. We only have the pine as treats now and then so I don't think it's enough to change our milk. Maybe if it was all we ate...

    jaz - I will have to do a Goatucation on what is bad for us to eat. Thank you for asking!

    Meaghan - thank you for stopping by my blog. I will visit yours.

    Anne - I have heard that people can get upset if we goats munch on their trees. Fortunately the male person and publicist don't mind much.

  9. it sounds as if the publicist does a great job keeping you goats fed and watered. I'm a big grain fan too. I'm kinda sorta allergic... which makes me wonder - do goats get allergies? I think Lily the labradoodle has some - must run in the family :)

  10. thanks Pricialla for the feed tour! always so interesting to know what you love to eat!

    By any chance have you ever tried shoe laces? or shirt tails? or jacket corners?

    then again - you have a huge variety of delicious food to eat, so maybe not!

    Do you like the rolled/flat oats? - my rescue rabbits love them!

  11. Geesh, is there anything that goats don't eat???!

    Do you have to milk the goats everyday like a cow??

  12. Thanks for contributing to my goatucation! :D This was pretty interesting. Sounds like they have a nice and varied diet!

  13. Margo - I do have to admit, we are very well treated goats. heh heh - well TREATED. heh heh

    Annette - Don't tell anyone but I will admit to eating the publicist's Newsweek when she wasn't looking. Michael likes the morning newspaper.

    Lin - Right now, since the kids are still not weaned (!) well, Harry is too young, Abby and I are being milked once a day. When things get back to normal we will be milked twice a day. I am going to do a Goatucation on what we SHOULDN'T eat.

    Joy - thanks for your comment. We do have a good diet here. The publicist is very nice to us.

  14. we had a pet goat and we asked at the local tsc what to feed him and they suggested sweet feed. Months later he became sick and the vet said he had kidney stones and that goats normally can't pass the stones and he soon passed away.(very sad) The vet said never feed a goat sweet feed because it can cause stones so please be aware of this. I would never want any one to go through this sad situation.


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