Saturday, July 18, 2009


Boy it is fun to be a small little goat! Harry has no Farm responsibilities so all he really has to do is make sure his little stomach filled. Tough duty, huh? So he begins his day by bugging his nanny. I suspect he thinks this will lead to some nice warm milk..

Then some grazing

Oh, why not toss in some running, jumping and leaping for the heck of it?

Then it's time for some rest. All goats need SOME rest.

Then it starts all over again. Whew! It's a hard life for a kid.


  1. It sounds like a full day for the little cutie pie.

  2. I wish that is all I have to do today.....sigh.

  3. It takes a lot of energy to frolic!

  4. Rough life, Harry... I wish I was a baby goat! haha.

  5. Being a bebbeh is a very hard job! But somegoat's got to do it! And Harry, you look very cute doing it.

  6. It is HARD work being a baby goat--and I'm with him on the napping part. Aunt Lin says that napping is good for you!

  7. frolic is what it is all about. i seriously would do nothing all day if i had those goaties to watch. We had barbequed chicken for lunch today.....mmmmmmmmmmm. everyone here was lovin' it!!!!!

  8. blueviolet - it's a tough life for a kid.

    Sue - me too. I mean I have to get milked, take care of Kevin. Sheesh.

    Reese - those kids are full of energy. Too much sometimes.

    Cute - sometimes I wish I was a kid worries, just play time. Aaaaaaaaah.

    Daisy - I think Harry has a cat's life, heh heh.

    Lin - I have to admit to some napping myself, but I call it basking so it LOOKS like work.

    jaz - I am glad you liked your barbeque chicken. With the way the chickens in my pen behave.....

  9. Awww that little guy has way to much energy! Wish I had half that much energy today!

  10. Ooooohhhh..I wish I had that gorgeous little baby visiting me today! I was working outside in the garden, and I would have loved to have had some frolicky company, plus he could have helped himself to some of my garden "treats!" :)

  11. My kids just went to stay with my friend until the goat show on Tuesday...they may not come back if I sell them there. I am missing them so. You little ones are darling.

  12. I’m just taking a little time to see any new blogs or haven’t stopped by for a while.
    I found your blog from one my coffee pals October farms

    I see you live in Western Montana. I’m live over in Northern Idaho. I find goats amusing actual I like the milk better then cows.

    Stop by for a cup of coffee when you get a chance.

  13. Stacie - you are not the only one. This old goat could use some of that energy!

    A.Marie - erm, he probably would have eaten too much of your garden. Goats are like that.

    Carolyn - it is hard to let the little ones go. I know. I miss my Sarah.

    peppylady - thank you for visiting my blog. I will sure stop by!


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