Friday, July 3, 2009

Field Trip

The publicist and the male person took a field trip yesterday for us goats. To a ....field. A hay field to be precise! Our hay supplier called and said that our hay was baled and could be picked up that day. You have met part of our hay supplier's family in one of my Visitor's posts; when Luke and Gretchen came to visit. I, of course, could not go on the field trip but I trusted the publicist to get me good pictures. The male person had to make two trips to the hay field for our hay. Yum! We are going to eat well this winter!

The field is HUGE and was full of bales of hay. They were everywhere. It made it easy for the male person to stack the trailer.

They had a visitor while they were getting the hay. A red tail hawk was flying around, probably trying to catch a mouse. The photo is not so good because it was waaaaaaaaay up in the sky.

The male person worked very hard today getting our 100 bales of hay. He had to move them twice; from the field to the truck and trailer...

...and then to the storage under the barn. Boy was he tired!

The best part for us goats is we got to eat the hay dust. We love hay dust. The publicist brought it to us in a bucket. Luke loved his share.

Michael was sloppy and got it in his beard. Silly Michael!

Abby shared hers with Harry. He really liked this hay; it was his size!

Then he got tired and went to sleep in the shade.

Jillian and Mallory really chowed down too.

I ate some as well but the publicist didn't get a picture of it. I was shy.

It was a busy day on the Farm and I for one am a happy goat knowing that we have lots of tasty hay put away for the winter. It is good to know that we will have plenty to eat.


  1. Lol! CUte pictures. Nice one of the hawk from that high.

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog.

    from a SITSta. :)

  2. 100 bales!?! That does seem like a giant job! I'm glad you will be eating so well though.

  3. Hay dust. I never knew what to call those leftover pieces.

  4. Your publicist and the male person must love all of you so much -- to work so hard for your hay!

  5. That is hard work and I know those weren't "lady bales" The male person should be getting extra special goat milk or something from you four legged hay burners. ;P

  6. i can almost smell the hay!!! happy goats!!!!

  7. 100 bales?!! That is a lot of work!

  8. Reviewer11 - it was my pleasure. I am glad you like the photos the publicist took

    Daisy - we are hungry goats!

    Carolyn - the publicist didn't know what to call it either so she just named it hay dust.

    Aunt Vicki - they do take good care of us, that is for sure!

    Amanda - thanks for visiting my blog.

    Julia - I believe I heard the publicist say something about treating the male person last night but I really didn't understand everything she said. But he was smiling.....

    jaz - you don't know the half of it. Wait 'til you see tomorrow's post. We were baaaaad goats.

    blueviolet - the male person said he didn't have to worry about his workout. heh heh

  9. Wow... that's a TON of work! You are lucky to have a male person who loves you goats so much to do all that work for you. Looks delicious! ;)


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