Friday, July 17, 2009

AbbyDay - I am the Best Grazer on the Farm

I am so very happy to be here on Fridays. I missed my day on the blog so now I can showcase myself again. We have been doing a lot of grazing lately and I think I am the best grazer on the Farm. After all, I am Abby! Just look at the way I attack the grass.

I am, of course, showing my kid Harry how to be a super grazer too. I wouldn't be a good mom if I didn't.

I just love to try the different grasses and weeds that grow on the Farm. They are delicious and it seems that the ones that grow outside of our pen taste better than the ones that grow inside of our pen. I wonder why that is?

You can really see how I have gotten my svelte figure back after my pregnancy...I'm lookin' good!

I hope you enjoyed watching the best looking, best grazing goat on the Farm. That's what AbbyDay is all about.


  1. Abby, it's good to see you again! And I'm glad to see you do have your girlish figure back.

  2. Glad to see Abby has her girlish figure back!

    (Yes, I do have my new blog header up, I'm sorry you can't see it!)

  3. Belated congrats on the birth of your Abby.

  4. Daisy - I thank you. YOU are always so nice to me.

    Pooba - I am glad you like my post although I don't see why anyone wouldn't like my post. I am Abby afterall.

    Da Old Man - I am so thrilled you are feeling better. We have all been worried about you.

  5. Why can't we humans rebound like you after birth?

  6. Abby, you have bounced back better than me and my last birth was 6 years ago. You look fabulous!

  7. Oh, I have to check on my goat friends while I'm gone! Okay--still cute.

  8. blueviolet - we goats are just lucky, I guess. Bwahahaha!

    Reese - Of course I am, I am Abby!

    Anne - you need a diet of green grass and weeds I think. heh heh. Oh, and cud. Lots of cud.

    Julia - thank you. It is so nice to be appreciated.

    Lin - cute?! I am gorgeous!


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