Friday, July 31, 2009

AbbyDay -Am I Bringing Harry up to be a VAMPIRE?

What's that you say? How can a little goat be a vampire?

Wellllll, he is a little nibbler and not just on his hay, grain and tasty greens. You will recall the time Harry and I were playing and he suddenly decided my horns were something he should bite, don't you?

It took me several tries to get him to stop chewing on me! You can clearly see me bleating at him in this photo.

Well now he has started chewing on other goats! The publicist came into the barn one morning and there he was chewing on Pricilla's ear.

She was not very happy about it but I have to admit I thought it was pretty funny.

I have no idea why Harry would nibble on Pricilla's ear! I didn't tell him to. If I told him anything it would be to butt her, not nibble on her. I am all about butting. What? It gets the job done.

I will of course, end today's post with a photo of ME because I am the best looking goat on this Farm. Even though my kid is cute I am cuter!

Be sure to come back tomorrow...ha ha. I am not going to tell you why you should come back you should do it because Abby says so!


  1. ok abby...i am there!!! btw...i hear goats are tasty.

  2. Oh No....Has Harry gone over to the dark side?? :)

  3. i would let Harry nibble me anyday. my mom wants a bahbey goat sooooo bad but she thinks that they are not allowed where we live.

  4. Harry! It is not polite to nibble on ANYone! I'm trying to teach this lesson to Prudence the Cat, who dearly loves to nibble on my feet while I try to sleep. I know she thinks she's doing a service by acting as Wake-Up Cat, but at 1 AM?

  5. Harry, you are such a silly-billy!

  6. Harry seems like a human baby, needing to put things in his mouth to nibble on or test. Maybe he's teething?

  7. sounds like the beginning of a best selling book series to me :) "vampire goats"

  8. Harry, you're just doing what little billy goaties do!

  9. Oh...little nibbler, be careful. Payback could be a little nibbling on you!

  10. jaz - hmmm, you would eat one of us? hmmm.

    A.Marie - I don't know. He is a little devil goat. That is for sure. I guess he takes after me!

    Grumpster - I hope I can call you Grumpster. Goats aren't allowed to live everywhere. The publicist and male person chose our Farm specifically 'cause it could have goats.

    JD - I have heard that the Farm cats bite the publicist at night if she dares to move her feet while she is sleeping. Stupid publicist.

    Daisy - you are so punny.

    D'Anna - that is a thought. I don't know. He is just a pain in my horn.

    Margo - you are looking very chic in your new photo. Hmmm, Vampire Goats. They ARE all the rage.

    Reese - you are a very understanding cat. Perhaps I will send him over there to you and he can nibble on you for a bit. heh heh

    blueviolet - now THAT is an idea.

  11. Maybe Harry needs a teething ring!

  12. I think Little Harry is a bit of a tease yes?? Have you been staying up late reading those Twilight books Abby???


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