Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Will Not Believe Your Eyes!

I know that I have posted some amazing photos on my blog in the past. Crazy things happen here at the Happy Goats Farm. We have had Montana style surfing, we have had goats on top of goat houses, we have even had CHICKENS IN MY GOAT PEN! But what I have to report to you today is the most shocking thing ever. You truly will not believe what you see. I hope you are sitting down.

Here you go

Can you believe this? Have you ever seen the likes of it on this blog?

Kevin the goat is SITTING STILL! What is the goat world coming to?

The publicist looked out her window and she couldn't believe it. She saw him sitting still on the spool

And a bit later she saw him sitting still in his little goat house.

What will that kid do next?

The publicist apologizes for the fuzzy photos but they were taken at quite a distance through her window. She knew that if she went outside to take the photos all evidence of this shocking behavior would have disappeared in a hop.


  1. Maybe Kevin is turning into an "old goat"?

  2. I'm going to take a tip from Kevin today. Laying down sounds great.

  3. Hey! I just noticed for the first time that Kevin is getting his little horns now!

  4. Ahhh, the joys of resting.

  5. Wow...hope he isn't coming down with something...cannot imagine Kevin laying down and staying still! Or maybe he's just growing up. Still a cute little guy for sure!

  6. lol, my first thought was "That can't be Kevin, it must be some kind of doppelganger goat". ;)

  7. Goodness! Is he sick? Maybe he is trying to lull you into a false sense of security and is planning his next bout of mayhem to be bigger than anything you've seen before, lol :)

  8. A kid's got to rest some time right?? Thank goodness for naps!

  9. Was it raining? Or had he just finished a nice surf? Anyway, thanks for my laugh of the day...

    P.s. Did you hear about Belle?

  10. Could one of the other kids have gotten into the publicist's medicine cabinet and slipped him a downer?

  11. oh no...i remember when i saw this behavior in my children. it is the first glimpse into your kid growing sweet but how sad...<];o}

  12. Sue - heh heh. I think the only old goats around here are the male person and the publicist.

    Carolyn - yes, it does sound like a good idea!

    Daisy - his little horns are definitely becoming noticeable.

    D'Anna - you got that right!

    Split Rock - no I think he was storing up energy for his next bought of the afternoon crazies!

    Merily - I don't think we could handle two of him. No, no, not that!

    Meghann - I think it is the false sense of security thing. He was hopping around like crazy shortly after these photos were taken.

    Julia - yes, I suppose he needs to restore his hopper.

    Cici - more than the cancer? I will have to go check the blog.

    FishHawk - the publicist keeps her drugs locked up for her personal use. heh heh

    jaz - awww, so sweet!

  13. Is he okay????? That is really not like Kevin at all.

  14. Ha Ha incredible indeed. Maybe he is preserving his energy for the future..

    Kevin is so very cute btw :)

  15. Has everything been 'discovered'?

    Kevin is looking big now, and handsome!

  16. Lin - he is fine. He is just plotting...

    Ailuphile - heh heh. He is a little devil of a goat. And thank you. I think he is a cuties myself.

    Annette - thank you. I too think Kevin is quite handsome. But all mothers think that of their kids.


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