Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Kevin Has NOT Learned

Now I am very proud nanny. I think my Kevin is about the cutest, smartest little kid around. From the comments I get on my blog a lot of other people feel this way too. He has learned many things in his two short months but there is one thing he just can't seem to figure out. He is having a very hard time with the mineral bucket. You will recall from an earlier post that he has used it as a goat bed. This is definitely not the correct use for the mineral bucket. The publicist has been keeping our mineral bucket supplied with nice, tasty minerals. In fact she put a fresh supply out today. Kevin went over and had a taste.

He looks like he really enjoyed them, doesn't he?

But it went downhill from there. Instead of just eating them out of the bucket, he decided to get INTO the bucket! Silly goat! First it was his front two hooves...

Then all four hooves.

Then he started to settle down for a little nap.

Somehow the minerals don't look as appetizing with a little white goat on top of them!

I don't know what I am going to do with that kid. I guess if this is his only fault I can live with it....but then there is the hopping.


  1. Kevin must think that it's a bathtub. Not that he really "thinks", I guess. Lily used to do the same thing with her water bowl... she'd start with the splashing with her front paws and then end up standing there. We thought it was kind of cute for a while there, but then it was time to learn to stop it!

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  3. ll animals think, just not as complexly as we do! They also have souls! Although I can still eat cows and pigs and idiot chickens.

    The bucket probably gets very warm in the sun. And my cat likes to sleep in the bathroom sink, too.

  4. Looks like a good place for a bath to me... a nice mineral bath! (People pay big money for that you know!)

  5. Kevin is cutest thing - I love to read of his antics. He is so playful. Reminds me of Buddy laying in peculiar spots.

  6. It's like the bucket is giving him a warm little hug. He's just like a miniature dog-goat with his little bed.

  7. I'd say Kevin is pretty darn smart and resourceful. He also clearly hops to the beat of his own drummer. Cheers to Kevin's independent spirit!

  8. awwwww.....another kevin cute!!! when does he leave??

  9. Kevin is a silly-billy! I wonder what minerals taste like?

  10. He really gets into his minerals

  11. You know, if I could fit in a bucket, I'd probably sit in there too. I think the bigger goats are a little jealous.

  12. That Kevin!

    Must be an animal thing. My cat tries to squeeze into any empty cardboard box she can find. I mean any.

  13. Margo - I think he might feel safe in there. Silly kid!

    Cici - I think you're right. He does think...sometimes I wish he would think better things.

    Cute - heh heh. I should open a goat spa?

    Becca - he is somewhat puppy like. He follows the publicist around like a dog!

    Julia - It just makes it hard for the rest of us goats to get to our minerals!

    D'Anna - Amen to that!

    jaz - I am not sure...maybe another month.

    Daisy - they are a bit salty.

    Da Old Man - they are good for him so it is good he eats them but he shouldn't hog them like this!

    Lin - you might have a point! Maybe I should ask the publicist for a Pricilla sized bucket.

    Frogs - the Farm cats will get into some very strange places too.

    Cici - I think all cats are a bit odd.

  14. Oh, Kevin,Kevin.....silly you!

  15. I can't keep my little boy out of the minerals either. Yesterday he filled the minerals and baking soda up to the brim with water while I milked! Takes twice as long to finish the chores with him "helping".


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