Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sometimes I Want to Run Away

Do you ever feel that way? I know I do. It just seems that there are too many goats, too many chickens and too many cats and I just want to be alone.

Now I know it wouldn't work because we goats are social creatures and we just don't fare well as singles. In fact we have been know to waste away without a friend. But sometimes it is just nice to dream. Sometimes I do more than dream. Sometimes I am a very bad goat. Sometimes I escape the Farm and go running across the street to the Horse Farm.
You remember the horses; I have blogged about them before. I know I am not allowed out in the street but sometimes I am stubborn and do what is wrong. I am not saying you should do this, but sometimes I am just a bad goat. I have to admit I have taken little Kevin along; this is not good because Kevin does not know about your human cars and they could hurt him.

I am such a small goat in such a big world and now I am surrounded by.....chickens. It is somehow not how I saw my life. But I suppose it could be worse. I am well treated, I get lots of apples. I have a beautiful view when I am grazing.

You must forgive my mood today. Kevin gets weaned tomorrow and it is always a sad day for a nanny.

So I leave you with a photo of my soon to not be a baby any more kid. Isn't he cute?


  1. Oh Pricilla, I want to run away sometimes too. Today I do. Let's just.

    We'll be like Thelma and Louise, 'cept we won't kill nobody. Just knock over some apple carts, maybe swipe some chocolate and drive. Your beard would look lovely blowing in the wind.

    The publicist can come too, we will be Thelma, Louise and a goat. That's how the movie should have been written anyhow.


  2. Pricilla, sometimes it is good to think about life, and take little adventures. I do not think you are Bad. But I do fear for your safety when you cross the road, and especially with little Kevin.

    ps: You done real good raising Kevin.

  3. Priscilla, you are a very complex goat. Depth of character is a good thing. Remember, it's ok to need time for reflection, a little adventure and peaceful contemplation away from the chickens of the world. Just remember to look both ways when crossing the road.

  4. Oh, Pricilla, cheer up. I'm going to do a get-the-goat-and-her-publicist-out-of-their-depression post now.

  5. Pricilla and Kevin in the big wide world! (near the horse pen!)

  6. I'm with you--I need companionship, but sometimes I just want to sit alone and watch the others--and not necessarily be in with them. I'm like that at parties--I hate mingling with throngs of people. Just not my thing.

  7. Pricilla, every time I read your blog, I realize that your talents should be shared in a children's book. You did such a good job with your kid, I'll bet your wisdom and funny stories would be terrific in a book for our kids.
    You should suggest this to the publicist.

  8. Hey! I have feel like that too! Sometimes I just want to run away!Then reality kicks in! Oh well, back to life!

  9. Pricilla, you have done a wonderful job raising Kevin. I'm sure you'll miss him but I'm certain the Publicist would only let him go to a good home - and no more hop, hop, hop on Pricilla! And then, that does leave you more alone time, too. But I'm thinking perhaps you should stay in your pen where you're supposed to be instead of out on the road - I'll bet that really scared the Publicist when she saw you and Kevin on the road!

  10. Lisa - that sounds like so much fun. Can I drive?

    Daisy - thank you for caring about me and Kevin. I appreciate it.

    D'Anna - I am a philosophical goat for sure.

    Cici - The publicist showed me your song. I really liked it!

    Annette - I guess I am a travelled goat.

    Lin - maybe you are part goat!

    Da Old Man - awww, thank you so much. You are so sweet.

    Rbarakat - thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Split Rock - she was not happy with me...she did a lot of yelling.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  11. Me too. Me too. I run away from my life all the time. But usually I come back after an hour or two. I miss the kids too much to stay gone for long.


Maaaaaa away....


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