Sunday, June 28, 2009

Simple Sunday

It's been a very busy weekend on the Farm so we give you a simple post today. Enjoy the sweetness of a new baby goat.

Happy Sunday everyone and tune in tomorrow for our next installment of Goatucation!


  1. He is such a sweetie pie. What an adorable photo.

  2. sorry about the spider. i never knew goats were so afraid of spiders!!

  3. AWWWW, and you mentioned that people couldn't possibly enjoy a blog about goats! Look at that sweetness. TOO CUTE!

  4. Who can resist a baby goat? So cute.

  5. I didn't notice that his nose was pink before. So precious.

  6. His nose is pink! Now he REALLY reminds me of Moo...

    (A silly little video I took oh him.)

  7. I've been away for a bit and what a pleasant surprise! Congratulations. Just adorable!

  8. What is it with all these goats? They totally look like they mug it up for the camera lol

  9. Awwww. Look at that pink nose.

  10. Anne - thank you. He is a cutie. Trouble is I think he knows it.

    jaz - spiders are icky. They make me itch.

    AB - thank you for stopping back. Do you decorate goat houses?

    Brandy - just think...we goats could take over the world by seducing you humans with an army of baby goats. Bwahahahaha

    Carolyn - your new photo is very nice! Yes, he does have a very cute pink nose.

    Cute - I liked your video.

    Rabbit Hill - thank you! He is a great little grandkid for me.

    Frogs - see comment about taking over the world. Bwahahahaha

    Lin - you should see him hop.


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