Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Many Facets of Kevin the Goat

I have come to realize that my kid Kevin is a popular little guy. He is quite adorable, I can't argue with that. I also know that my regular readers would rather look at pictures of him than of me. Since I am not as self centered as Abby I am going to give the readers what they want; at least for today.

Here is Kevin as he contemplates the Farm. It sure gives him a sense of just how small he is.

The other day we were grazing on the side of the hill and he came running but then decided to play a little hide and seek with a sapling.

Now, these are some of my favorites. I love to watch him run. He is a funny runner....

I will say one thing for him, except when he is walking on the lead he is a happy goat!
It has been raining around here for the last few days and we have been spending some time in the barn. We don't like the barn but we don't like the rain either. We are difficult goats. Hopefully the sun will come out again soon and we will have more adventures to share. Not to mention it smells better outside than in the barn!


  1. We DO like pictures of you! But Kevvy is way cute!

  2. Kevin is adorable and I love seeing pictures of him. But I also really enjoy seeing you, Pricilla!

  3. Kevin is so adorable. He looks like a little dog running.

  4. He runs like a bunny ... or a kangaroo!

  5. i love the running kevin pics! i used the lemon soap and it is great!!! i have been known to go to places where there are lots of trick or treaters on halloween and just stand on the street and pass out candy. i don't get many trick or treaters because i am right in the city. there aren't many houses around and i think people are scared. i usually stand outside with a basket and pass candy out to people on their way home from work!

  6. Kevin! What a happy, sweet little goatlet. I love him. Thank you for posting these pictures. Brightened my day!

  7. It's a fact of life. Kids are always cuter than their moms. But the photos of mom and baby together are more lovely than either apart.

  8. Kevin looks like he's gotten into the catnip. All animal babies are cute. I watched a mule deer baby running around doing a happy dance the other day. Always makes me smile. Thanks for the fun pictures.

  9. Kevin never lets me down--he CRACKS me up!!! Such a happy little guy...

  10. He is a doll. What personality.

  11. You're handsome too, but that Kevin sure has a cute skip in his step. He's dreamy.

  12. Cici - why thank you very much.

    Daisy - Well, tomorrow you will get to see me!

    Becca - thank you. He is a cutie, I agree.

    Aunt Vicki! - I agree. I think he looks like a bunny myself.

    jaz - I am glad you like my rich soap. The publicist is a big fan of Halloween as you know.

    JD - I am glad I could make your day.

    Carolyn - I know..once the kid came I was nothing. But that's OK

    D'Anna - he acts like he's taking something, that's for sure.

    Lin - I am glad my little kid can give you a smile.

    Debbie - thank you for stopping by. He is a cutie!

    Frogs - you are going to give that boy a big head!

  13. Yes, we do love Kevin! We love you *first* of course...

  14. I love his black knees - looks like he has knee pads :)

  15. Cute - thank you for saying that. You make an old goat feel good.

    Meghann - they are among his best features!

  16. At least it looks like Kevin is going somewhere when you take the photos P. When I take pictures of my kid Ella running it looks like she is standing on one leg.


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