Friday, June 5, 2009

Kevin Learns to Walk on a Lead - NOT!

One of the things we goats learn - whether we want to or not - is to walk on a lead. I can't say it is a very dignified thing; being lead around by a leash, but it just something we have to do on occasion. I must admit that the publicist doesn't put leads on us that often. She usually just lets us roam around at will. If we are stubborn goats, though and don't go back to our pen when she tells us to she does put a lead on us to take us back to our pen. Abigail and I walk very well on our leads but Jillian and Mallory had obviously not been trained well at all. But that is not my problem, is it? Luke and Michael walk very nicely on their leads and I must say they look very handsome when they go by - but that is a topic for another post. The publicist always has a lead on the boys when they go out to graze because they don't always listen to her. She just lets it drag behind them.

Now it was time for Kevin to have his first lesson. As with all first lead walking lessons it did not go well. Kevin is used to his freedom and we all know he likes to hop, hop, hop.

He pulled

He bucked

He planted his hooves

He even tried to sit down

The publicist was laughing so hard she could hardly walk with him. But that is the way of first lessons. (She wanted to apologize for appearing in my blog in her icky goat clothes but since she was taking care of us goats.....)

The publicist has been through this before and she knows all the sneaky kid tricks. She will prevail!

I tried to encourage him

He eventually took two whole steps on the lead...

And the publicist decided it was enough for the first day. He will learn. He will need to know this skill for when he moves to his new farm.

My nice commenters have asked why Kevin has to move from the Happy Goats Farm. Well, we already have too many goats here as it is. I knew when Kevin was born that he would be going to join Nora and Sarah on their Farm. They are very happy there and I know Kevin will be too. We can only have so many goats here as we only have so much land. We really only need one buck but the male person let the publicist keep Michael because she was very attached to him. And remember, Abby is there will be more kids soon!


  1. First picture looks like he's praying to be let go.. our asking for a dance....

  2. You have a fascinating blog! Love the photos.
    Dropped by from SITS.

  3. Oh Kevin, you are such a little character!

  4. hmmmmm....maybe my chow chow is part goat! when she doesn't listen i have always told her......time for the leash! now i only need to say that and she does what i want. why not just cut to it and do it for heavens sake? i know kevin has to go but i don't think the goats blog on that farm do they? i will miss seeing him. it sure is a bit ironic about the hansel and gretel cake toppers. someone in the cake world has a sense of humor!

  5. I will miss Kevvie too, but I get it. I'm praying for Abby to have triplets... Does, of course!

  6. Islandgirl - I really think Kevin wanted to get away from the lead. He is a free spirit!

    Debbie - thank you for stopping by!

    Daisy - character is ONE way to describe Kevin....

    Becca's Dirt - cute is another....

    jaz - no the other Farm doesn't blog. I hope to have the publicist take me over there so I can do some ace reporting for you all.

    Cici - does would be very nice. Abby is big as a house (I didn't just type that, did i?) so who know how many kids will pop out?

  7. those pictures are priceless. thanks to you and the publicist for getting those for us! Congrats to Kevin on his first leash training session!

  8. Me again.. just dropped in to point out that the goat button is in the kiln as I type... But I used Michael as a model... will you forgive me? You don't have horns... not that I did a good job on the horns....

    I realized that doing a mere chicken first would get me into trouble

  9. It's more like going for a "drag" than a "walk"! Poor Kevin.

  10. Oh Kevin... why does that crazy publicist make you wear a lead? :) Obviously you don't like it. Haha!

  11. Margo - the male person is responsible for today's photos. The publicist had her, uhm, hands full.

    Islandgirl - I would have thought the goat would have been the first. I am still insulted. Harumph! chickens. Harumph!

    Lin - don't worry. soon Kevin will be walking on his lead just fine. You should see how handsome Luke is when he walks by. Hubba hubba

    Cute - the publicist does what the publicist must.

  12. Kevin is so cute, even when he is not cooperating. Sounds like at least a little bit of progress was made on his leash lesson.


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