Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hide and Seek with Harry

Even though my Kevin is only two months old and still up to kid tricks it is fun to have a tiny goat around the Farm again. It reminds me of when Kevin was first born and discovering all the places to play around here. Today Abby brought Harry into the big goat pen and he was running and hopping all over the place. There were lots of new structures for him to explore and lots of new things to sniff.

He spent most of his time around the big goat house. I can understand this; to a baby goat it must look absolutely HUGE. He was sniffing around the one side where the door pieces are kept.
Then he snuck under them. Where's Harry?

There he is!

Silly little goat.

Abby was looking for him and went over to check him out and make sure he was OK.

Such excitement for a little goat.

The publicist wanted you to see what she sees when she is trying to take photos for you.

Yup, the hopping goat. Hopping on her head. Hopping in front of the camera. Hopping, hopping hopping. He actually hopped on her today and knocked her over on her butt. Silly Kevin!


  1. how cute! The last picture didn't come up for me.. but it's probably from my end of techno hell. Harry is presh. The publicist sure has her hands full with all this goat action!

  2. How adorable is that?! I want one! He's so cute!

  3. That last photo is adorable! It looks like Kevin is smiling. I wonder if bebbeh Kevin will still be a big hopper when he grows up?

  4. OMG! I just want to love him up. Hes sooooo cute! Even his butt is cute, cute, cute! Thanks for stopping by and supporting the 'Amanda needs an accessories line with TARGET!' LOL And no goats were harmed during this post! HAHAHA

  5. Hey, while we are playing "Where's the kitty?" you can play "Where's Harry?"!!

  6. hide and go seek? How cute!

    hop hop hop...

  7. Harry is such a cutie! He looks like a stuffed animal. Hey, there is an idea, stuffed Harrys.

  8. Any day now the Jonas brothers are going to ask Kevin to be in their band. He's got star written all over him!

  9. Margo - it is a shame you could not see Kevin's photo. It is quite funny.

    Donna - he is cute but he is a lot of work. And he eats a lot. And poops a lot.

    Daisy - he has not stopped hopping yet. Every morning he greets the publicist by trying to hop on her. He hops right up on his hind legs and does a little dance.

    Cute - really!

    AB - I am glad you don't use goat skin in your accessories!

    Lin - like where's Waldo? heh heh

    Pooba - we goats love to explore. Sometimes it gets us in trouble.

    Anne - that is a good idea. Can YOU sew 'cause the publicist is rolling on the floor laughing at the idea of her sewing.

    Frogs - that would be great 'cause then maybe he would pay for his feed.

    Cascia - thank you for visiting my blog.

  10. These pics are so cute.
    Hope Kevin doesn't get jealous that someone else is getting attention!

  11. You should have named him Hoppini, like houdidni


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