Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harry's First Day Out

It was a beautiful day so the publicist thought it would be OK if Harry came out of the barn and out to the pens. She carefully carried him down with Abby following behind her bleating away. Abby for all her other problems is a very good mother. The publicist put him down and he started to explore his new surroundings.

Abby started to lick him. We mamma goats just love to lick our new kids.

After a bit she calmed down and let Harry just stand on his own. I have to admit he is a cute little guy.

He did get tired after standing around so he sat down next to his mommy.

This must have given Kevin some ideas because he was a pretty mellow little hopper today.

Pretty soon we will see if Kevin is going to teach Harry all of his hopping tricks!


  1. He is so cute, but Pricilla, did you notice that he is C-A-T colors (shhh). I know how you feel about them, but he looks like a kitty.

  2. What a cute goat. I love his colors!

  3. I love his black and white coloring, too! The pattern of his markings is really neat.

  4. Frequent naps are awesome. He looks so tiny next to Abey.

    On the other hand KEVIN looks huge next to Pricilla!!!

  5. Also maybe you should visit The Apron Goddesses today!!

  6. I love his black and white coat. He is so cute - I'd have a hard time keeping my hands off of him. Kevin sure has grown.

    I was just thinking - you know how a new baby smells so clean and soft - well don't you think the new kids have a new smell to them that only the mother smells. I know they can smell their young - but I never thought of it like that before.

  7. ACK! That is just about the cutest lil' guy I've ever seen (sorry Kev.)

  8. He is darling and so fluffy! Enjoy your baby goat hugs.

  9. Oh so cute, I let out a little squeal and scared my dog again....this blog is bad for a very good, cute way! Harry is adorable and I hope he has fun exploring :)

  10. Yep, he's a keeper. Now that he's all fluffed up in today's pics, my kids can see that he's really a goat and not a Friesian calf!

  11. Aw! Hi Harry!!! So glad to finally "meet" you. :)

    We've been waiting for you to show up!

  12. are we sure that kevin didn't get into the black magic markers and just color himself cute? harry is just too cute!!! now that kevin has to wait for harry to go to the farm with him, how long might that be????sure you don't want to keep thee two little guys? i didn't get anything today...i went to the wrong town, duh!!! might try to find the right one tomorrow!!

  13. Congratulations Abby!!!

    Harry is gorgeous and I like how his white fur is longer than the black fur!

    that is also a lovely photo of Pricilla and Kevin relaxing.

  14. I LOVE his cow coloring! Sheesh, those baby goats are adorable!! Do they make a lot of noise as babies??

  15. Cuuuuteee! I love him! He is awwwdorable. He looks like Daisy's bro Harley. cutey Goatey Cattey.

  16. OMG...he is soooo cute! I may have to stop visiting because seeing these kids is making me want goats and hubby says NO! Or maybe I'll just have to get my kid fix by any rate, I'm lovin' it!

  17. Anne - I cannot believe you would say such a thing about a goat. A goat is NOT a cat. Cat's are for butting...well except for Daisy. I like Daisy.

    Jennifer - thank you. I will tell Abby and Luke. He does look like his daddy

    Daisy - people have told me he looks like your brother Harley. But he is not like a cat at ALL.

    Julia - I am all in favour of naps. I did visit your blog, The Apron Goddesses and the publicist is very,very happy!

    Lisa - baby goats are very cute. I am not the least bit prejudiced.

    Aunt Vicki - he is very soft. I could tell when I licked him.

    Becca - you are right. But I am trying to lick Harry and Abby does not like it AT ALL. She was really trying to butt me.

    Heather Cherry - I don't think Kevin will be upset. He knows he is loved.

    Carolyn - he is a spoiled goat already.

    Meghann - I am sorry we scared your dog but we can't help being cute.

    D'Anna - heh heh. It is unfortunate that he does look like a cow. But he gets that from his daddy.

    Cute - Abby is really glad he is here too. She was very fat.

    jaz - I suspect they will go in about two months when Harry is weaned. It will be hard for all of us but they will be close by.

    Annette - I love to relax. It lets me burp in peace. heh heh

    Lin - they do meh meh meh a bit but not too too much. It's rather cute, actually

    Cici - no more cat refrences!!! I butt cats remember?

    Split Rock - I think goats are the best...but well, as I said, I am prejudiced. And don't forget Jillian is due in September so the goaty goodness will continue!


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