Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

From the Farm daddies to all of you daddies out there...

we all hope you have a very Happy Father's Day.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for my second installment of Goatucation - where I answer your questions about goats.


  1. What handsome fathers your farm has!

  2. Happy fathers day to all you happy goats :)

  3. Dasiy - the same to you!

    Jennifer - thank you. I think they are quite handsome. But I am prejudiced ;)

    Margo - thank you for stopping by. Happy Father's Day to the daddy in your house.

  4. hey...happy father's day back atcha! nice story about your mother's rune. do you remember how she used them? the male person here got his soap today and was thrilled with it! he ran straight to take a shower. i should give him new soap more often!

  5. jaz - the publicist didn't know about her mother's runes until after her mother died. I am glad your male person liked my rich soap!


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