Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Happy Announcement

I am sure you remember the happy day that Jillian and Mallory arrived on the Farm.

We were thrilled - well mostly - to have them here after we learned that they were not being treated nicely at their old Farm. Goats should not be treated poorly! Goats have feelings! Goats need to have enough to eat - they should not have to scrounge for food. Jillian and Mallory are very happy here. They have learned what it is like to be spoiled goats and I think they like it.
They have had adventures here like battling over their goat house

and jumping on top of the big goat house. Battling again. Hmmmmm.....

You will also recall I am sure that Jillian had a date with Michael and danced the paso doble.

So you see that Jillian has had a lot of exciting adventures in her short time here on the Farm. I am now happy to report that we think her life is going to get even more exciting. We are pretty sure that Jillian is pregnant! Isn't that great?! More kids for the Farm. Just look at her in this photo; doesn't she look a little, well, round?

It is a little tricky to tell these things for sure with us goats as you can't go to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test but the publicist thinks she is indeed pregnant. If she is right there will be more little kids in September. Michael will be a daddy goat. Won't he be proud?


  1. Congrats!!!!
    Have a great weekend

  2. Congratulations!Looking forward to The Big Day.

  3. Hooray! More baby photos for us!!

  4. Congratulations to Jillian!

  5. She does look a little round. But, I wouldn't say anything to her about it. I have made that mistake with people and they are none too happy about it.

  6. I'm laughing out loud at the thought of a goat peeing on a stick! lol.

    Congratulations Jillian!!

  7. Love their names! And congrats on the pending new additions!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  8. Congrats! There are never enough baby kids in my opinion.

    I can't wait to see the photos.

  9. Sue - thanks for your good wishes. I will pass them on to Jillian.

    Split Rock - we all are. Kids are so cute!

    Lin - yes - those kid photos do make the blog fun to view.

    Daisy - you are a very sweet cat. Especially with whipped cream in your whiskers.

    Debbie - you are right. No one likes to know they are round. Except maybe weebles.

    Aunt Vicki - can you stand the excitement. You are going to be an Aunt again!

    Kimberley - thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, that would be rather...odd.

    Grand Pooba - goats do show rather dramatically

    Stesha - thank you for visiting my blog. And I appreciate your good wishes.

    Carolyn - the publicist agrees!

  10. More baby goats???? Whoo hooo!! They are so cute. More like Kevin will be good. :)


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