Monday, June 29, 2009

GOATUCATION - How Much Space do We Goats Need?

Today's Goatucation question comes from our regular reader, Cici. She asked: How much space is the minimum requirement for keeping goats happy? I assume she wants to know both inside and outside needs. Well even if she doesn't I am going to tell you 'cause that is the kind of goat I am.

Since I am a Nigerian dwarf goat I am going to tell you about my needs. I don't know what bigger goats need. Jillian and Mallory are a little bit bigger than I am but they have some dwarf in them. For outside grazing each goat needs at least 130 sq. ft. of pasture. This is so we each have enough of the tasty grass and yummy weeds for browsing.

Inside the barn or goat house each goat should have 10 sq. ft. of space to rest at night and to be safe from predators. I know I like my pen in the goat house because I can get away from Abby and her butts. Now even little Kevin has his very own pen. The publicist was going to take a photo of it but she forgot. Silly publicist.

So here on the Happy Goats Farm there are three different goat pens. The bucks have one

The does have one

And there is a spare one that is used for different things. Right now Abby and Harry are using it until Harry gets a little bit bigger.

We also get to go grazing around the different areas of the Farm. The publicist and male person are very good to us and let us eat the yummy grass and tasty weeds almost anywhere we want.

They just get nervous if we get too close to the thing they call "the road." Then they run after us waving their arms and shouting. It's rather funny, actually.

Larger goats require more space but I am now back to my svelte self since Kevin was born and I am no longer a larger goat. Ha! You know what I mean - my readers are smart!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Goatucation. Be sure to check back next Monday for our next lesson. Thanks Cici!


  1. Good info. Do your goats just stay in the yard when they are out of their pens or fenced areas? They don't wander/run off?

  2. Aw, man. I guess that rules out me getting some cute goats for my backyard... No where near enough space! :)

  3. Interesting! When wandering around, do they come when called? Or do you have to herd them back?

  4. Thanks for the great info. I would love to have my very own goat, too. But until I read your post, I thought it could live inside with me and share my cat bed. Now I know better.

  5. oh no...goats by the road!!! now i have something else to worry about!

  6. Can you keep a goat in the house like a pot-bellied pig or would she be unhappy? Just thought of that after reading Daisy's comment.

  7. I'm off to measure the yard now.....

  8. Thank YOU! That was useful! Like Lin, I'm off to measure the yard and the shed.

  9. Great goatucation. You guys are all sooo adorable. Have a great week :)

  10. Carolyn - we are usually good goats and generally stay in the yard. Every now and then we are bad and go across the street to visit the horses. We know where our grain is....we are not stupid.

    Cute - awww how sad, no goats for you.

    D'Anna - we know our names we just choose not to respond to them unless the words apple or grain are included in the sentence. The publicist usually has to erm, encourage us back to the pen with a stern talking to.

    Daisy - I fear we would poop all over the house. We are not litter trainable like you cats. I don't think your mommie would like that. But thank you for offering to share your cat bed.

    jaz - not much traffic here. Mostly horses and dogs. Which is the good thing.

    Anne - I know the Old Grey Egg kept his goat in the house but I don't understand how as we just poop and pee wherever we want and we kind of munch on things we shouldn't

    Lin - cool. I think we like frogs.

    Cici - I know you want goats!

    Ailurophile - thank you. I try. And there is not much cuter than a baby goat.


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