Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Delayed AbbyDay - The Pesky Paparazzi Have Found Me

Yesterday the publicist was not feeling well and I wasn't allowed in the trailer to post because they didn't want me to get sick too so I am doing AbbyDay on Tuesday. I am sad to report I now know how Pricilla felt when the paparazzi were bothering her. I guess that since I am now a famous SpokesGoat too they are stalking me. Of course they are trying to take photos that make me look bad; the ones from behind. Just like with Pricilla I am not fat I am pregnant!

I think I look to be in good health and I think I have a lovely glow. I mean look at me here

It's only when you shoot me from behind that I look like a house.

Well pretty soon I will have a cute kid just like Kevin and then I will have all the fuss around me. And my kid!


  1. I love your blog!!!!
    I feel like I'm on the farm with the goats and the chickens. Thanks for sharing your family's stories. And Kevin is soooooo cute! Is he like the Dalmatians? - they are born white but they get spots as they grow???? Very cute.

  2. I hope the Publicist is feeling better! Abby, you look marvelous darling, from any direction.

  3. Abby, you look beautiful. I think pregnancy agrees with you.

  4. Abby, you DO glow and you look like you must be getting close to The Big Day. I hope The Publicist feels better today!

  5. HA HA HA...i think i have pictures of me that look just like that from when i was pregnant!!!! i liked your comment about the witch saying she had her "tude" on. that is exactly what she looks like. when i was shooting her i was thinking....i would not want a run in with this one!! hope you feel better! joyce ps....omg...wait until you see what i post tomorrow. my daughter bought me a present!

  6. ecogeneration - Kevin does seem to be getting more spots so who knows. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    D'Anna - the publicist is very glad to be feeling better. She was not a happy goatherd.

    Daisy - thank you very much!

    Split Rock - I appreciate your kind words. The publicist is on the mend I think. At least she is spending less time in bed.

    jaz - you have an udder?! ha!

  7. Now how many more days is the happy kids supposed to arrive? And can we have a pool to guess coloring??? Can I take the box with two white legs, a white face and a black body?

  8. At least you have an excuse--I feel like that and I'm long past pregnancy!

  9. Julia - we don't know when my kids are due. I am a bit of a confusing goat. The publicist thought I was due the end of June but I think I might be due sooner. They will be surprise kids!

    Lin - I doubt that!

  10. Abby, you are beautiful! No female looks good from that angle. I think those paparazzi should be banned from the farm. Maybe Pricilla invited them.


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