Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Animal Identification

As you all know we have a variety of animals here on the Happy Goats Farm. I thought today it might be useful to help you identify the various creatures and where they live. As you know the chickens moved on to the Farm recently and INTO MY GOAT PEN. I was not happy about this at first but I am OK with it now since I can sneak some of their grain now and then.

So onto our first identification; this is a Rhode Island Red chicken

This is our Blue Andalusian Chicken

This is their chicken tractor

The other main animals on the Farm are, of course, goats. I am all in favor of goats. I think they are about the best animals around but that is beside the point.

This is a small white goat. Known as Kevin

This is a goat house. You will recall that Jillian and Mallory spent some time on top of the goat house. This is NOT recommended.

The best use for the goat house is to get out of the sun or the rain. Here is Abby is relaxing inside getting out of the heat of the day.

Now, what is wrong with this picture?

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! There is a small white goat IN THE CHICKEN TRACTOR!

Has Kevin gotten confused as to what kind of animal he is? Or is it the chicken feed? Which is grain. Grain, which is crack to goats. What do you think?

The male person came out and uhm, encouraged Kevin out of the chicken tractor.

What a silly, silly goat! If he eats too much grain he will get sick. And besides, he doesn't have feathers! The male person made some adjustments to the chicken tractor and now small white goats cannot get into it any longer. Silly, silly goat!


  1. If there is a will there's a way! What a smart little goatling!

    And how do all of those chickens fit in that tractor? You host like 58 chickens right or did I miss the memo somewhere?

  2. I am not very smart, but I was not certain what a "chicken tractor" was, except that I knew the chickens lived there. I looked it up and I see that it is a movable chicken coop without a floor! Your chicken tractor looks very nice.

  3. Maybe Kevin has been spending too much time with the chickens. A mom's work is never done. Now that he is a little bit older, you have to make sure he doesn't associate with the wrong type (in this case, chickens).

  4. Perhaps Kevin should have put on a hat with feathers on it first- then I bet no one would have noticed that he wasn't a chicken. ;)

  5. Julia - we have 52 chickens. They are having free range in the goat pen during the day. The male person found that the eagle and the red tail hawk won't come into the fenced area so he took a chance and it has paid off. He is working on the next two tractors in his erm, spare time. Rather like he is working on the yurt.

    Daisy - you are very smart but you are not a Farm cat. The chickens like their tractor because they can go in it at night and be safe. I don't think they like having small white goats in it!

    Anne - he is a bit of a devil goat, that is for sure!

    Merri - heh heh. Chicken hat. heh heh

  6. Maybe you should build Kevin a goat coop! :)

  7. if kevin keeps sneaking the chicken feed he will be too fat to fit under that fence!!! this is the cutest post yet. i wish i could have a goat but a certain chow chow would out butt it!

  8. Kevin is getting so big, and so clever!

  9. I have a two year old son (in addition to my girls, he's just the busiest at the moment!) and there is definitely a reason young goats and young children are both called kids. I never fully appreciated it until I had goats, and now I'm more inclined than ever to use the term "kids" to describe my children! Some people may act offended if the term "kid" is applied to a human child, but I know there are good reasons behind it. Both are fully of energy and curiosity. They love getting into what they shouldn't as soon as your back is turned. Not to mention the cuteness factor of both species. Prime example here!

  10. Cute - I will have to suggest that to the male person!

    jaz - thank you. I think the goat would hold its own.

    Jen - he knows where to find the grain. That's for sure.

    Jenny - ain't it the truth!


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