Thursday, June 18, 2009

Afternoon Crazies

Every afternoon the publicist looks out her window because she hears lots of strange noises coming from the goat pen. What does she see you ask? Well, I call it the Afternoon Crazies. It seems that every afternoon Jillian, Mallory and Kevin go a little wacky. They run up and down the goat pen jumping and leaping on the spools and small goat house. I wisely keep my distance from all of this activity; so does Abigail.
It usually starts with Kevin, of course. He hops up on the little goat house.

Then he hops down and runs to the front of the goat pen. Mallory takes over on top of the little goat house.

Suddenly Kevin's back and he hops on one spool and then...

...he's flyin' over to the other spool.

Jillian gets tired of lying around and she and Mallory start playing too.

Crazy goats!

I don't why they expend all this energy flying around the pen but I think I will continue to just stay out of the way. I wouldn't want to be mowed over while they ran hither and yon!
I must now put on my SpokesGoat hat and let you know that the publicist has made new soaps again! Over the course of the last week she has made several batches of my rich soap. On the curing shelf right now are: Sweetgrass, Tangerine Dream, Lavender Mint, Lavender, Cherry Lemonade, Mint and Unscented. Woo hoo!


  1. Acting crazy is loads of fun! Here is a secret: guess when I act wild and crazy? Right after I use the litter box (whispers: number two).

  2. It certainly looks like a lot of fun -- all the running and hopping. The little goat house looks exactly like Xena's travel crate. What's up with that?

  3. That crazy Kevin always starts the trouble, doesn't he?

  4. Spazzes! How elderly is Abs, anyway?

  5. Alas, there was a time when I felt that frisky myself.

  6. I can remember the kids were always a little snarly at that time of day too--right before dinner. Everyone was spunky and a little nasty.

  7. I'm an idiot--I just NOW realized that I don't have you marked as "follow". Sheesh. Sorry. It just takes me some time to figure stuff out.

  8. they remind me of my kids when they were young. there was always that time of day when they had to run around to expend energy. the chow chow pup used to do that a lot when she was young. she only does it now when it is cold out. she has far too much hair to run around in this weather!

  9. Does Kevin do movies? He reminds me of a goat Bruce Willis. But cuter...

  10. Hehe. This is the same as cats doing the zoomies!

  11. Oh, and Daisy's right about hers too... my two do the same thing!

  12. Daisy - uh, TMI me thinks, TMI

    Aunt Vicki - we are very clever around here, aren't we?

    Sue - he is a wild and crazy goat. Which probably dates the publicist.

    Cici - Abby is three.

    FishHawk - we all must be frisky at times. I admit to still getting my frisk on now and then myself

    Lin - we still love you. It is a tough time of day for sure.

    jaz - the publicist always wants chocolate at this time of day. Hmmmm

    Frogs - well, Kevin does have hair.

    Cute - again, TMI


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