Friday, June 26, 2009

Abby Teaches Harry How to Graze

And so it begins...all of the important lessons that little Harry will now have to learn. Today he got one of the really important lessons from his mom, Abby. She took him out for his very first graze. Now that is truly an exciting occasion for a little kid. He gets to explore the world outside of his pen and nothing beats that first taste of yummy greens and tasty weeds. Until you get your first taste of grain. Or your first taste of apple. I guess we goats are somewhat food focused. But with four stomachs you would be food focused too! But back to little Harry's big day.

The publicist brought him out of his pen with Abby bleating behind. She put him down to see what would happen. He started - oh no - hopping! It's true. We have another hopper on our hooves. We didn't get any actions shots today because Kevin kept climbing on the publicist's head as she tried to take photos. It made it difficult for her to, uhm, focus the camera.

After Kevin settled down to HIS grazing the publicist was able to get some photos of Abby teaching Harry. It was very nice to see. And it really hasn't been all that long since I taught this to Kevin.

It was a nice sunny day and little Harry was almost lost in the weeds. It almost looks like he is stealth grazing, but he is too young for that yet.

Abby then showed him the tastiest grass to eat and he took a little nibble.

She then took more than a little nibble.

Harry looks rather impressed by that mouthful, don't you think?
All in all it was a perfect day for his first day out grazing and we all had a lovely time.


  1. He's already advanced for his age. My little ones didn't try to graze for about a week :)

  2. It looks like Abby is a real good mom and little Harry is a fast learner!

  3. how precious is this??? too too cute!!!

  4. Is Harry to be a poppa? He is too cute. (sorry Kevvers). How old is Abby?

  5. It does look like he's really into eating!

    Okay, and I'll admit that the image of Kevin climbing on the publicist's head made me laugh way too hard. ;)

  6. You have to show him how??? Or do you just show him what tastes good?

    I got my soaps today--thank you!! I so love your soaps!!

  7. Carolyn - the publicist was quite surprised too. She didn't expect him to be eating grass now either.

    Daisy - she is a good mom even if she is a pain in my butt.

    Split Rock - I can understand...

    jaz - he is quite adorable. I have to agree. But as Kevin's mom I do think Kevin is quite cute too.

    Cute - Harry is learning quickly!

    Cici - Abby is three years old and Harry was wethered today. Poor little guy.

    Meri - the publicist laughs to a point but Kevin is starting to get to big to hop on her head!

    Lin - we mama goats show them where to eat. It seems that what to eat is instinctual in us. I am glad you like my rich soap.


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