Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whole New World

The chickens have moved out of the basement. The publicist is happy about this but I am not happy about this AT ALL. The chicken tractor is IN MY GOAT PEN.


Can you imagine such a thing? Harumph! Now I have to admit that the male person did a very nice job in building the chicken tractor. The roof even matches the roof of my barn. Here he is putting some finishing touches on it:

It took some thinking for the publicist and the male person to figure out how to get the chickens from the basement to the tractor. They had about destroyed their brooder.

Then the publicist thought of the cat carriers! This worked very well. They could carry three chickens at a time this way and she had three carriers so it didn't take too long. The hardest part for her was catching the chickens. She is very glad that no one was taking video of her because she feels that SHE looked like a chicken chasing them around!

Here are the first three in the top part of the tractor:

After a bit half of the chickens were in the top part

and half were in the bottom:

It is a very nice place for the chickens to live; inside the top part there are rows of roosts for the chickens to use at night.

There is even a cute little ramp for them to walk on to go in and out of the top part.

They seemed happy today but the publicist did have to "help" some of the chickens out into the warm sunshine. She figures that in time they will understand that they should come out during the day and go back in at night. In fact the male person had to help them in to the top part last night. Silly birds!

Tomorrow you will see how we all reacted to the presence of the chicken tractor in our pen.

I want to offer my congratulations to Rabbit Hill Farm. They have won the sample sized soap for winning the "What's That Smell" game from yesterday. The publicist really chuckled at Buck Muck. Heh heh. That is a funny name.


  1. how they make alot of noise? cant wait till the eggs start coming..make sure the publicist takes some pics.

  2. Yay! email is Wheelersrabbithillfarm (at) yahoo (dot) com

    I can't wait to get my soap. I can use it if I get any "Buck Muck" on me.


  3. Male Person did a nice job on that chicken tractor, and all in one weekend? Quick worker.

    It took our chickens a couple days before they got the hang of going up at night and coming down in the morning.

  4. Form what I hear, chickens are NOT very smart (not like goats at all!). If they stay out in the rain, they sometimes look upward and can actually drown by getting too much water.

  5. I know what you mean about chasing chickens. I have wrangled ducks on occasion and it is quite the sight. Basically as crazy as herding chickens but add water!

  6. nice chicken tractor!!!! you wouldn't really use my magic wand to make abby disappear now would you!!!

  7. What an efficient set up you have there. If I had known you could train chickens to use a tractor I would have become a farmer a long time ago. I was just telling a friend that I wouldn't mind raising goats since you are so reasonable and easy going surely all goats are as civilized as you. I would also like to raise ducks but I hear they make a lot of poop. But chickens who can drive even if they don't have enough sense to come outside into the sunlight, that is a great thing and you must be proud.

  8. John - the chickens are pretty quiet except for when Abby butts their tractor. It's always Abby, you know.

    RabbitHillFarm - Yay for you! The publicist has sent you an email. Buck muck. Heh heh.

    Heather - the male person knew he had to get those chickens out of the basement so he was VERY motivated. They had crused their brooder and were roosting EVERYWHERE. It was not pretty.

    Aunt Vicki - these chickens do appear to be very stupid. I mean they won't even come out for their food. You can't keep a goat from its food.

    Carolyn - that does not sound like fun. The chickens are bad enough.

    jaz - don't tempt me.

    Jen - we have a friend who was picturing chickens on little John Deeres. Heh heh. But the chickens eat the grasshoppers and that makes me happy.

  9. Really? You have to teach the chickens what to do?? That sounds kinda silly, but what do us city girls know about chickens?? I know frogs, believe it or not--just not chickens.

  10. They are so cute! But Priscilla don't worry you are still the cutest!

  11. WHat a great chicken tractor! I'll bet the basement is a lot quieter now!

  12. Wow that is great! I am so impressed with the chicken tractor. I miss a few days and look at all the fun I have to catch up on. Work work work is interfering with my browsing you lovely posts Pricilla!


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