Friday, May 29, 2009

The Time is Coming

The time is coming. A time when little Kevin is not going to be a Happy Goat. Not because he won't be living on the Farm any longer but rather because it is time for him to be weaned. I have to be honest about this; I am going to be one happy nanny when it finally happens. I am sure all of you mothers out there know what I am talking about and just add the factor of little horns butting your udder into the mix and I am sure you will all agree with me that it is time for the boy to be getting all of his food on his own.
For those of you that don't know these things a kid stimulates the milk flow from the doe's udder by poking it with his head. OK - butting it. This is just fine when there are no horns involved but Kevin's little horn buds are becoming horns plain and simple so it is time for him to leave this goat alone. A kid is weaned at two months of age. Kevin was born on April 6th and I am counting the days. I hope you realize that this does not make me a baaaad mother, just a mother tired of having her udder butted.

To get him ready for weaning I have taught him all the important skills a young goat needs to know to survive. He now can drink water from the water bucket. He does this with enthusiasm. As an aside I will let you know that we goats LOVE hot water. Even in the summer.

I have shown him how to find the tastiest weeds and grasses to fill his little tummy.

He discovered the wood pile and the delicious fiber of bark. Yum yum!

As we all know he didn't immediately understand what the mineral bucket was for but he is still young. He can't possibly learn EVERYTHING in two short months now, can he?

The publicist has started to give him a little grain at night when I get mine. I haven't gotten a photo of this yet but he is pretty funny about eating it. He hops right into the feeding bin on my milking stanchion. It makes it rather hard for me to get to the grain. Silly kid!

All in all I think he is growing up to be a fine young goat. He will do fine when he has to move to the kid pen. I suspect he will be sad for a day or two but he will get over it very quickly. I will be just on the other side to give him a nudge or a lick when he needs it. But that's it. No more udder butting for me. Hooray for that!

Now I must do my job as SpokesGoat. I have been slacking on that lately. There is a new item available in my shop! Yes, you can now buy a Flock of Chickens. Not real chickens of course, but soap chickens. You get one Rooster in the Goat Pen soap and two The Chicks All Right with Pricilla soaps. What a deal! And you don't have to scoop any chicken poop! Why not head over to my shop and check it out?! If you put "blog" in the notes to seller the publicist will give you a discount of $1.00. She will send you a paypal refund. Isn't she nice?


  1. Poor Kevin. I hope he doesn't take it too hard.

  2. Little Kevin is growing up so quickly ::sniffs::

  3. i don't want kevin to grow up but i can see how his mommy is looking forward to it! my macro lens is going to take some practice. and now i just read that the best way to photograph jewelry is by using a scanner!!!

  4. That picture of Kevin almost laying on the ground to drink is hilarious Pricilla. What a silly little guy. If the Publicist was not around to create the great divide between him and your utter, how long would Kevin take to wean au natural??

  5. It probably won't take much longer; Pretty soon he will have to roll on his back to get milk, and do sit-ups to butt your uDDer!

  6. Carolyn - I think he will survive. There will be lots of green grass and weeds for him to eat. I am a tired old goat and need my rest.

    Daisy - he is growing quickly. He is almost as tall as I am!

    SL - He is indeed. I am glad to read that your puppy is starting to feel a little bit better.

    jaz - boy goats grow faster than girl goats I think. A scanner?!

    Julia - I am not sure never having been a wild goat. I do know that when my daughter Sarah came back into the adult pen with the big goats when she was almost 6 months old she started nursing again. The publicist didn't like this because then Sarah got all of my rich milk.

    Cici - he IS having a tough time fitting under there, that's for sure!

  7. Oh good grief...when you have to get on your knees to suckle, it is time to get food elsewhere. Poor kid, but I am sure all will be well. He has many goats and people to cheer him on.
    Have a good weekend, and I hope those horns don't bug you too much (OW!).

  8. I can remember weaning my kids and I was not sad about it one bit. And I don't think they were either--I think we were both ready. How nice not to feel so "full" anymore! And you'll get your womanly figure back again.

  9. He's getting big, but still so cute! Have to get the family ready to head out to a goat show in just a little bit. Not showing any of ours, just going to be enjoying other people's.

  10. Meghann - I know, it is time. Now just to convince the kid! Thanks for coming to visit my blog.

    Jenny - have fun at the goat show. It is always enjoyable to go and look at goats!


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