Friday, May 1, 2009

This is Abby and I am Mad!

Don't worry, Pricilla is safe. I wouldn't do anything to harm precious Pricilla. I am just mad. All of this fuss over some magazine cover. You would think Pricilla was queen of the goat world. As if I couldn't get a magazine cover if I wanted one. In fact you will all be amazed when the regular AbbyDay rolls around on Monday. You will see. Pricilla isn't the only cover goat on this Farm. Just because my kid isn't here yet doesn't mean I don't have something to offer.

When I was writing this blog while Pricilla was on her maternity leave I think I did a fine job. It was because of all of you nice readers that the publicist has given me my own special AbbyDay. I am doing what the publicist asks and blogging about topics other than myself but if Pricilla can blog about Pricilla, Abby can blog about Abby. So there! I am telling you now to be ready for a great AbbyDay post. It will be all Abby. And we all know that I am the best looking goat on the Farm.

I will end this goat rant with a reminder to sign up for Pricilla's newsletter. I am a team player. I am a good goat. I give my milk for the rich soap too. Remember, everyone that signs up through May 16th will be eligible for the drawing for THREE BARS of OUR rich soap.

Uh oh, I see Pricilla has chewed through her, uh, enforced napping devices so I have to go now. I will be back on Monday!


  1. i love your goats...they are soooo cute. but i have to tell you....they did tell me you are grumpy early in the morning. you know goats, they like to gossip!!!!

  2. Abby, do not be mad! You are beautiful enough to be a covergoat, too.

    But maybe if you stamp your little hoof, you will feel better.

  3. Abby, I can't wait to see your cover shot!!

  4. This is such a daring idea for a blog!

  5. Someone got your goat this morning? (Sorry, I've always wanted to say that.) Don't fret, your day is coming soon.

  6. Abby, I actually thought about how you must have felt yesterday with Pricilla getting all that fuss made over the mag cover. You must learn to share the spotlight gracefully. I have a feeling that your day to adorn the cover of MyBaby magazine is in the near future :)

  7. Abby ... check that attitude ... it is not becoming of such a fine goat. Just sayin'

  8. Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Goat!


  9. Pricilla here back in charge. That Abby!

    jaz - it is true the publicist can be a little grumpy in the morning but we love her anyway.

    Daisy - Abby is my problem kid. There is no doubt about that!

    SL - I will pass your kind words onto Abby. I am sure she will appreciate them.

    Marie - thank you for visiting my blog. I am a very special goat. Humble too!

    D'Anna - you are very funny!

    Margo - you are so nice to be considerate of Abby's feelings. You don't have to live with her though. That CAN be arranged.....

    Aunt Vicki - I think you should come here and have a talk with Abby. Maybe it would straighten her out.

    Lee - heh heh. You are very musical this morning. We are very photogenic goats.

  10. Abby, you are absolutely beautiful enough to be a cover goat and I think your farm has enough room for 2 cover goats. That is a gorgeous photo of you. You are very photogenic.

  11. Abby a lovely smile will get you everywhere!
    I know you have a wonderful smile :)

  12. you are sooo right. i never thought about it before but pies are sort of ugly. pies just need to taste good and you will never remember what they looked like! i have eaten some really awful good looking pies! jaz

  13. great idea...i see these dehydrators all the time but have never used one. just exactly how do you use it? this would be so much better than canning or freezing! jaz

  14. thanks for all the info!!! joyce

  15. To: Abby
    From: Cici
    Subj: Your Maternity leave
    When you go on your maternity leave, let Jillian and Mallory do your days of blogging. Then Pricilla won't get your spot back. Beautiful Goaty You!

  16. Annette - thank you. I do have a great smile. Ha to Pricilla!

    jaz - I am glad the publicist could help you

    Cici - you are my biggest supporter! Thank you


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