Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Tables are Turned! Kevin Teaches Mallory

As you have read in the past on my blog Mallory has been teaching Kevin some basic goat skills like butting and stomping. This has been wonderful; Kevin has learned some great goat basics and I have had a break. Who knew that Kevin would have something to teach to Mallory?! Of course it would involve hopping as that is what Kevin does best!

Kevin has shown Mallory how to hop to the top of the plywood pile! I am not sure that the male person is happy about this, but it is pretty funny. Mallory is a pretty big goat to be hopping up there...

Kevin hopped up and Mallory just had to follow.

Jillian tried too but she didn't succeed even though Kevin demonstrated for her. Not every goat is meant to hop!

Kevin stood by like any good teacher while Mallory hopped up and hopped down.

I am very proud of my little Kevin for passing on his skills - even if they are dubious skills for a goat to be teaching.


  1. Oh boy, there'll be troubles ahead now.

  2. You made my sides split! Kevin and mallory look almost the same size, but Jill is huge. I like your skills with the camera.

  3. Kevin is obviously a very gifted young goat. Great pics!

  4. What a great series of photos. That little Kevin is quite the teacher.

  5. D'Anna - there have been troubles here for a while...

    Cici - Kevin is still quite small compared to these two. They are a bit larger than any of the goats here on the Farm.

    Margo - I will pass your compliment on to the publicist. Sometimes she gets good photos, sometimes she gets NOTHIN'

    Aunt Vicki - Little Kevin is quite the something. That's for sure!

  6. Mallory sure looks happy climbing up and down on there. Have you seen the pictures of the goats in Africa that climb trees?

  7. Is there any immediate plans for the plywood, because it looks like it may just have to stay there for the pure entertainment value for the goats! I like how goats make an adventure out of EVERYTHING!! I need a goat.

  8. Heather - the publicist showed me the National Geographic with those funny goats.

    Lin - the plywood is going to become chicken tractors this weekend so I don't know what those crazy goats are going to do. Everyone needs a goat!


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