Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Surfin' - Montana Style

Cowabunga dude!

We do things differently here in Montana. We don't have an ocean so if my kid wants to surf I have to improvise...

Dare I say, the hopping continues and the publicist finally got some photos of my hopping kid hopping on me.

Little did I ever imagine I would be a prop for a goat. *sigh*

Hop, hop, hop.

So why don't you all hop onto my newsletter list...heh heh. All who sign up through May 16th are eligible for a drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. Hop, hop, hop!


  1. I wonder what Kevin would think of a real surfboard in the ocean? Pricilla, you can send Kevin back East this summer and me and PS will give him some surfing lessons. (I wish I could do photoshop right now of Kevin surfing in Hawaii)

  2. How funny! Pricilla, you deserve a medal. The things us moms put up with! Must be love.

  3. Pricilla, you definitely deserve a medal or two! one for outstanding mothership and one for outstanding bloggership!

  4. Will the hopping cuteness never end???

  5. i love the hopping. it is too cute! do those little devils ever eat your trees? if so, what do you do to stop them?

  6. Margo - wouldn't THAT be hysterical! The publicist isn't good with photoshop either.

    D'Anna - ain't it the truth. You should she how he climbs on me all the time. I get no rest...silly boy!

    Cici - you are one of my biggest supporters!

    Heather Cherry - I have to hope so! If he hops on me as he gets bigger I am in big trouble!

    Daisy - hahahahaha!

    jaz - they do. they eat the bark off of the pine trees and have eaten a little spruce tree the publicist was trying to nurture. She put a tomato tower around it and that is helping. The Farm is getting fruit trees this summer and I don't know what the male person is going to do yet.

  7. I think i need to borrow michael and luke because Im not making to many friends out

    thanks for commenting on my blog, you have definitly been one of my more faithful readers...even if you are a

    like i say, we dont judge in munchkin land.

  8. Ta Da!! That is one fine circus act you two got there!! I LOVE that photo. It reminds me of the kids climbing on us when they were little. But they didn't have 4 hooves to dig into my back!! Poor Pricilla.

  9. Fun in the sun. Hop on pop.

    Pricilla needs to write a children's book!

  10. John - Michael and Luke would be honored to be your friends.

    Lin - little did I know that I would be a jungle gym as well as SpokesGoat.

    Carolyn - thank you for your confidence in my writing. I like your new photo.

  11. Thank you for nibbling on my hay bale. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my sits day today! I had ginormous fun.

  12. Pricilla, that photo so made me laugh. What a nut! Your kid is a crazy little nut!!!

  13. Kevin is just toooo cute! I love him........

  14. wenderful - I love hay! Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog!

    Julia - we are crazy goats

    Sue - thank you.I love him too!

  15. What a silly little guy! Looks like he's having fun, though! ;)


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