Friday, May 15, 2009

Nom, Nom, Nom - Got Weed?

As I have reported it is starting to get warmer, the sun has been shining and the tasty weeds are starting to grow. I know most humans think of weeds as bad things but we goats just love them. They are some of the yummiest things around if you ask me. The male person loves the fact that we go around the Farm eating up all of the noxious weeds that grow. Personally, I can't wait until the knapweed starts to come in; it's my favorite! But for now, I will take what I can find, so will the others. So in the words of that famous feline, Daisy the Curly Cat - Nom, Nom, Nom!

Here I show little Kevin how to find some nice tasty greens.

Jillian has obviously learned how to stealth graze. Good for her!

Luke likes to eat his weeds on the run. Silly buck!

Michael sure concentrates while he eats his.

And Abby, well, Abby is always eating but I suppose she has to with the baby and all.

These greens are so much yummier than hay. Not that hay is bad but mmmm, mmmm! We spend a lot of our day eating and it is nice to be getting some variety in our diet. I hope you don't think we are all little piggies.

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  1. The male person on the farm must be one happy camper!

  2. good to see you all getting some delicious weeds after the winter!

    I like weeds too, they atract the bugs and birds, always nice to have things natural!

    (I'm the type of person who believes that the only thing to do pruning should be an animal's mouth)

  3. You're like my mom, she loves swis chard (eew)- there is no good swiss chard at the grocery store until spring. Now that there is some, she scarfs it up!

  4. Natural weedwhackers! I've seen goats advertised for rent in vegetation management to help clear brush and remove certain noxious weeds. You are multi-talented!

  5. You are very lucky that you get to nom, nom, nom all day long! Harley and I get our foods twice a day and we eat it all up in just a few minutes! But I am not sure that weeds would taste as delicious as raw meats.

    ps: Thanks for the link!

  6. My kitties graze on the tall grass weeds that grow in the yard. And then they throw up. It's just so nice. Ugh.

    Uh oh, I see Kevin's dot. When Em was little, she referred to the kitty's butt hole as her "dot". She actually put her finger on it and said "dot". We still tease her about that to this day!! Yeah, she LOVES that. :)

  7. I think Lily must think she's a goat. She loves the weeds too :)

  8. Marie - the male person IS happy. He doesn't have to mow the lawn.

    Annette - obviously we are all for weeds. They are very yummy.

    Cici - I think I would like this Swiss Chard stuff. If it is green and leafy I would go for it!

    D'Anna - goats and sheep. We both are good for eating weeds.

    Daisy - we have to eat a lot. There is not a lot of nutrition in what we do eat so it requires lots of eating. I am sure I wouldn't like your raw meats, though. I am a vegetarian goat.

    Lin - our Farm cats eat the grass too and they also throw it up. Yuck. Your daughter is funny....

    Margo - dogs are silly creatures. Just like the bucks here.

  9. I wish my girls would nom a few more weeds we have more than they can eat. For some reason they leave the weeds alone and keep begging for beet pulp.

    But it makes their milk taste sooo yummy. Noms for mommy!

  10. Mike,
    if you want, you can come over to my place and enjoy the weeds in the backyard. But better come quick because I will have to be mowing them soon.

  11. Carolyn - but beet greens, etc. is all so yummy. I can't wait until ours come in. Talk about nom, nom, nom!

    John - I don't think you want Michael; he has been know to attack people other than the publicist. He is her attack goat. He is very protective of her. He will even attack the male person.


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