Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michael and Luke - From Fighting to Friends

Michael and Luke tend to be the forgotten goats around here, especially since Kevin arrived. But they are very important members of the Happy Goats Farm. Without them we wouldn't have, well Kevin. So I thought it would be nice to show you a day in their life. The publicist brings them out of the barn and puts them into their pen where they eat their grain and then attack their hay. Unfortunately they then attack each other...

This behavior has really been on display since Jillian and Mallory have arrived. I suspect they are trying to impress the new does on the Farm. Silly bucks! I guess Luke is a little jealous too since Michael got to go on dates with the girls.

To help blow off some of their steam the publicist let them out for a bit of a graze. They enjoyed this; nibbling on the green grass growing around the Farm.

Then they went back into their pen where they made up and had a relaxing afternoon.

So, as much as they fight they really do love each other. Good boys!

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  1. Men love to butt heads. Why do you think they invented football! Goats are just imitating their humans :)

  2. Boys! They never mature. I always see them fighting or mock fighting!

  3. Powerful stuff that testosterone, makes boys do the strangest stuff to impress the girls. I have a headache just thinking about it.

  4. Do they ever hurt each other, butting heads so hard like that?

  5. I love the goat stories! Thanks for stopping by my blog & sharing my special SITS day!

  6. Boys always do dumb things to show off in front of girls. At least they are friends when they go back to their pen.

  7. im with daisy, does it hurt? Ive seen goats fight like that and It freaks me out. I want to step in the middle and break them up....

  8. Boys just love to fight, don't they?

  9. Aw, I hadn't met Michael and Luke yet... Hello guys!

  10. Carolyn - that is a very good point!

    Cici - ain't it the truth? Silly boys!

    D'Anna - heh heh

    Daisy - sometimes they do. Michael gave Luke a little boo boo at the base of one horn but the male person and the publicist but some medicine on it.

    Mimi - you are welcome! I am glad you came to visit my blog.

    Anne - they do always make up and then they share their hay. And burp.

    John - the publicist has done that. She has to be careful though or SHE is the one to get hurt!

    Carl - uh huh. They seem to think they are impressing us girls. Ha!

    Cute - I try and remember to post about them. Right now Kevin is keeping me well, hopping. :)

  11. Just amazing, and scary, to look at Pricilla - I always imagine the clashing noise and a few migraines!!

    (boys will be boys...)
    ps just to let you know Priceless would love your attention in the storque voting round - he's been thinking about it all on my blog,
    and thank you kindly for Ekaterina's love xxx

  12. They look like they might hurt themselves!!!! But I guess that is what horns are for.

    Saw the chicken tractor which is impressive. I guess we have not worried about our chickens enough OR our birds of prey are not so aggressive.

    How many goats can the publicist manage on your farm? Is there a carrying capacity or a number necessary to keep making milk for soap?

  13. I love it when goats get all head-butt-y. They think they're so tough but really they're just so darn cute.

  14. Annette - it does make an unnerving noise! We voted again. We hope you win this time!

    Julia - they haven't really hurt themselves too badly. Luke had a little boo boo but nothing serious.

    We have bald eagles here that sit in the tree on our lot and red tail hawks and great horned owls. Not to mention coyotes and mountain lions so we have to be a bit careful.

    The lot can support about 4 - 5 goats so we are a bit goat heavy right now. Kevin is going to the farm where Nora and Sarah live when he is old enough. And some decisions will have to be made about placing another goat soon....sad but true.

    Heather Cherry - it is truly something to watch!!!

  15. You said BALD EAGLE. Enough said. I think they could easily take out a straying chicken with their eyes closed!


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