Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hop on Prop

Kevin is a hopping kid. I am sure you remember this post where Kevin was trying to hop on ME. He has actually succeeded in hopping on me but the publicist hasn't gotten a photo of it yet. I don't know what he is trying to accomplish; whether he wants a ride or just to see what is going on. Any way the kid will hop on anything. One of our wonderful commenters suggested I write a book like the wonderful Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop. I have decided Kevin's book should be Hop on Prop since he will hop on ANYTHING.

He will hop on hay

He will hop and play

He will hop on me

He will hop and flee

He will hop on a stump

He will hop on the trash dump

And just to show he has no sense
He will even hop on some fence!

I hope you enjoyed hopping with Kevin. I personally now have a headache from all that hopping. He is an active kid and growing up to be a nice buck.

I want to remind everyone that my Rooster in the Goat Pen Soap and The Chicks All Right with Pricilla Soaps are still on sale for blog readers. They are 20% for anyone who puts "blog" in the notes to seller. The publicist will either send you a new invoice or a refund, whichever you prefer. I would not be a good spokesgoat if I didn't remind you and I am nothing if not a good spokesgoat.

And don't forget the newsletter! May 16th isn't that far away!


  1. they are just too cute. go check my blog, i have a pic of a goat. Wonder if your related.

  2. Kevin makes me smile, no matter how rainy and damp NJ can be.

  3. Hippity hoppity Kevin is such a cutie!

  4. He is darling!

    Question is he staying a 'buck'? Just wondering. I am debating 'weather' to band my new kid?

  5. I went by a farm once where there were a couple of goats on the hood of a car. Hopefully Kevin doesn't try that! :)

  6. "Maybe he just wants to see stuff better, being short would get annoying" PrincessSparkle says remembering her days as a youngster that she spent most up attempting to get a better vantage point (or wanting others to get a better vantage point of me) by climbing on any semi-rigid-ey surface.

  7. Alright Kevin...hop, hop, hop...time to stop, stop, stop...before your momma and the publicist drop, drop, drop!

  8. Aw Pris, he's just so freaking adorable. What a kid. Loving the stump pic.

  9. John - I will uh, hop on over :)

    Da Old Man - I am sorry it is rainy and damp. The publicist does not miss the humidity of NJ at all. I am glad my kid makes you smile.

    Daisy and Margo - thank you. He is going to get quite an ego, that little guy.

    Carolyn - Kevin is technically no longer a buck. He was wethered when he was three days old. He only minded for about an hour then he was fine. You can see it didn't stop his hopping.

    Sue - I have heard this about goats. We here on this Farm are better behaved than that.

    Pricess Sparkle - you might just have figured it out. He is short right now...

    The Daily Cute - if you think he is cute well then.....

    Split Rock - can goats go to the spa too?

    Heather Cherry - thank you. He was on the stump again today.

  10. Ohhh, I always hated reading those silly Dr. Suess books to the kids, but I did enjoy reading this one. That darned Kevin is just so cute!! Very creative today!

  11. Lin - thank you. Sometimes this old goat comes up with a good one.

  12. "Kevin"....that's too funny.
    Such a big name for a wee, hoppy goat! ;)

  13. Hop On Prop is my business name. check it out.


Maaaaaa away....


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