Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goats Behind Bars - Criminal?

The publicist noticed that a lot of the photos she had of us goats looked like mug shots. She began to wonder if perhaps we had some criminal elements running around on the Farm. I told her it couldn't be possible! We are all good goats - well, of course, there IS Abby. SHE is a problem, but criminal? I don't think so. What do you think?

Michael is definitely guilty of being criminally smelly. Trust me on this....

Luke is guilty of being criminally needy.

Mallory is guilty of being a criminal flirt.

Jillian is guilty of being criminally curious.
And that Kevin? He is criminally cute.
What do you think? Is this a Farm full of baaaaaad goats?
Be sure to sign up for the newsletter. Time is ticking. All who sign up through May 16th will be eligible for the drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. Woo Hoo. And no one will have to go behind bars with criminal goats....well, except the publicist.
I want to thank The Small Town Mommy for writing such nice things about my rich soap. She writes a very funny blog that I think you would enjoy reading.


  1. I will have to do a post about your soap too! I love it.

    Funny thing. I love food smelling soaps, maybe because I really love food.

    I am like a goat too in that respect!

  2. I think that the only criminal is your son, Michael. Stink is the worst criminal offense.

  3. Yep, those are the faces of hardened criminals, no doubt plotting a jailhouse escape. Better keep an eye out for an accomplice on the outside who might slip one of them a file in a home-baked goodie. That Mallory looks unusually suspicious.

  4. hey, it's national be kind to animals week, so if they are being criminal, they should only be cited with a minor citation. And given extra food! *i was not bribed into saying that

  5. Harley says you can borrow his handcuffs if you need them!

  6. That photo of Mallory is priceless!

  7. Carolyn - thank you for wanting to write about my rich soap. You write so well I am sure it would be a very good read.

    Cici - I am with you there. Stink stinks.

    D'Anna - Kevin has mastered the escape. He has been found on top of the mulch pile lately. Fortunately he hasn't figured out that he is "out" yet.

    Marlene - welcome to my blog. I am always kind to animals...well I guess except when I butt the Farm cats.

    Daisy - tell Harley that the publicist says, "Thank you very much!"

    Aunt Vicki - the publicist likes to take photos of all of us. Some of them come out really good. Thank you.

  8. that baaaad group looks like they are planning an escape! watch them closely. rhubarb is very tart raw and you do need to sweeten it but it has a flavor unlike anything else. it tastes like spring. this is such a good recipe to try it. it is sooo good on buttered toast! joyce

  9. Kevin - definitely criminally cute. Also illegally adorable. Guilty on both counts.

  10. I love all those photos!! Good mug shots for all. Um, could you pull my name to win the soap, please??!

  11. Definitely criminal...the whole lot of them. Now how does one contain the criminals with baling twine. I had notice that the same familiar orange colored strings which lay strewn around my hay area, are found on some of the prisoners bars. To what ends does this mean???

  12. jaz - they already have escaped and caused the publicist much angst. Not me of course, I am a good goat.

    Heather Cherry - I have to agree. He is my kid!

    Lin - that would be....criminal.

    Julia - I think I will have the publicist address that in a post. She is a handy person, especially when the male person says, "in my spare time." He says this a lot and then I see the publicist working on someting. Hmmmmm


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