Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exploring the Chicken Tractor

Now yesterday I reported to you the shocking fact of the appearance of the chicken tractor in my goat pen. Today I am going to show you how we all reacted to this unbelievable event.

Jillian and Mallory are the first goats down to the goat pen. Abigail, Kevin and I stay back a bit. I have to be milked. They were very surprised to see this strange thing in the pen.

Jillian approached cautiously

Then they both explored the goat house and sniffed at the chickens. I think they might have sneezed.

After my milking I saw the odd building in my pen and went over to investigate. I mean really! What was the male person thinking?

Abigail spent quite a bit of time checking it out. She gave it a couple of good butts just for good measure. But then again, Abigail would....

So far we have been lucky and Kevin has not hopped onto it yet. I think this is a good thing as he might fall right through and end up in with the chickens. I suspect they might peck him! What do you think?

Since I don't have a photo of Kevin inspecting the chicken tractor I will leave you with a random photo of Kevin just because he is so cute.


  1. You are very brave goats. I think I would have been too scairt to get close to them.

  2. Hi there! What a cute blog I've stumbled upon! Just stopping by to say hi from one SITSta to another!

  3. I love watching kevin grow up! Life is ever busy on the farm!

  4. Look at those little horns. I am almost sorry I disbudded my kids. So cute.

    The tractor looks fabulous. I need to figure something out like that for my ducks.

  5. Be careful with kevin and the birds. They love to peck at eyes! My bunny and kitty almost got it from ours...

  6. I do not like the idea of Kevin getting pecked. You keep him safe, Pricilla! He seems a little wild.

  7. Look at his little goat smile. Awwww. I love Kevin.

  8. i just cant get enough of kevin...tell the publicist to take more of that cute crazy goat...

  9. Kevin is so, so cute. Is he free Friday night?

  10. Daisy - I am sure that if this big thing showed up near your food supply you would check it our scairt or not.

    Lins - why thank you. I am glad you came by to say hello.

    Marlene - the fun never stops!

    Carolyn - the male person tried debudding once and it did not go well. That is why we have horned goats around here. Are your ducks and goats moving with you?

    Cici - thank you for that information. So far he is not hopping on the tractor.

    Margo - wild does not begin to describe that kid. I do my best...

    Lin - he is a little cutie, that's for sure!

    John - I told her and the next few posts will be about Kevin.

    Frogs - Kevin isn't going to be a dating goat. He has been, uhm, fixed. That's a good way to phrase it! Fixed.


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