Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Chicks Have GROWN!

The publicist let me have a gander (ha ha) at the little chicks and I am amazed at how much they have grown in just a few days. They are living in the basement of her yurt in something called a brooder. They will stay there until they are old enough and strong enough to go outside. It is still pretty cold around here so it is good they are inside where it is warm. They also have a nice light to help keep them nice and toasty.

There are 52 chicks in all (!) 51 of them are the Rhode Island Red chickens and there is one little guy that is a mystery chick. The publicist and male person have been unable to identify him as of yet. He is grey with black eyebrows and they think he is some kind of banty chicken. They are going to have to wait until he gets bigger to know for sure.

They are very funny; they will stretch their little legs and wings out and then settle down for a nap all in a little bunch.

They also like to flock around the food. I don't blame them for this. I am all for food.

The male person bought BIG feeders for when the move outside but they are still too big for the chicks.

Although the little grey chick gave it his best shot...

...and he hopped right in to eat the chick food.

Silly chick!

I think it is going to be interesting to have these chickens on the Farm. I guess it is better than more goats!

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  1. That looks like a real cozy setup for the little chicks!

  2. My neighbor has some Rhode Island Reds and a goat ... hey, that sounds familiar ... and they are beautiful animals.

    You should be able to get some great photos of them with the gray one looking like "odd man out"!

  3. Don't they grow up quickly? I'm totally guessing on the little gray chick--but maybe some kind of silky? I couldn't tell if he had feathers on his legs or not. I like to look at the McMurray Hatchery site because they have lots of chick pictures, and Backyard Chickens forums has a board for posting pictures to identify different breeds. It's a little cutie. It will be interesting to see what he turns out to be.

  4. Those chickens grow fast, huh! In just a couple weeks they look like mini chickens without baby fuzz. Look at those wings!

  5. Kevin has some competition in the cute department!

  6. I wish we could get chickens. I want them so badly. They look very cute and they all look very comfortable with their heat lamp.

  7. I wonder what the mystery chick is. I can't wait until you figure it out. Keep us posted!

  8. I was late ordering my layers and have to wait until June 16th -- which may be a very good idea with the weather we just went through...I am very fond of our Araucanas and ordered 25 of them and a few Buff Orphingtons and Plymouth Rocks. My husband went to town one time and bought some Rhode Island takes about six months before they start to lay...well, one by one they began to cock-a-doodle-do...yup, the guys had purchased all roosters!

    .....will check in to see the little critters grow! Judy Elizabeth

  9. Daisy - I think the chicks are very happy

    princess sparkle - I will tell them you think they are cute!

    Aunt Vicki - hmmmm, maybe the publicist has a clone up there by you.

    Jenny - thanks for coming over to play "guess the chick"

    Cici - I am amazed at how quickly they have grown in a week!

    Lin - I won't tell Kevin you said that...he might get upset. He is the jealous sort.

    Anne - they sure have added to our Farm. Lots of peeps and poops

    Carolyne - I can't wait to learn too.

    Judy Elizabeth - oooh that's a lot of crowing!


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